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We are committed to the health and well-being of our community.

- Pete Georges, Owner

The Right Solutions

The health of your home or business is easy to take for granted. Given basic maintenance, many buildings will remain in great condition year after year – perhaps for decades on end. But that’s not the case for every structure. If you encounter problems with your High Point, NC home or commercial property that require remediation work, contact AdvantaClean immediately for assistance.

Whether the result of a dramatic event like a powerful storm, or something subtle like a slow leak that was recently discovered, the repairs on your property can’t wait. Quickly having the problem solved by a team of professionals will limit the damage, make your building safe, and give you peace of mind. Give us a call to get started with AdvantaClean today.

Up to Every Challenge

Unfortunately, there are many ways a building can be damaged that will require prompt remediation and repair work. And, all too often, one event can lead to a host of issues that only a talented and knowledgeable contractor can unravel. For example, if there is flooding inside your house – whether due to natural causes or a broken pipe, the damage can be significant.

For starters, you’ll need to deal with the water damage by removing furniture, pumping the water out, etc. Then, mold inspection work will be needed, and mold removal will have to be carried out if any growth is discovered.  Any items that are removed from the home will need to be properly dried to determine if they can be saved.

It’s the complexity of these challenges that makes a team like AdvantaClean so valuable. With the ability to perform all of these various tasks, you can bring us in and expect us to get the job done.

We Are On Your Side

During difficult times, it feels good to have someone on your side who is working in your best interest. So, if you need to recover from fire damage or storm damage in the High Point area, calling AdvantaClean is the first step toward getting back to life as usual. Rather than feeling like things are spinning out of control, you’ll soon feel like you are on the right track toward normalcy. Don’t let an unexpected disaster turn life upside down for too long – call AdvantaClean right away for assistance.

More Than Emergency Response

At AdvantaClean, we are proud of the way we serve our clients in times of need. But that’s only part of what we do, as many of our services can benefit your home or business even when there is no emergency. For example, crawl space encapsulation can keep your home dry for years to come, helping you avoid mold and mildew problems down the line. Or, duct cleaning can improve your air quality and help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

Whether you need to respond immediately to an emergency, or you just need to plan a service to care for your building, we are here for you. Contact AdvantaClean for service in High Point, NC and we will be proud to help.

Never Take Health for Granted

A healthy building makes living and working easier and more enjoyable, but we can’t ever take the health of our homes and offices for granted. Yes, they are inspected when new to make sure they meet modern standards, but things change in time. Whether the result of a natural disaster or just simple wear and tear, providing our buildings with ongoing care and attention is the only way to make sure they are safe. For that job, turn to the team at AdvantaClean for services like mold remediation in High Point, water damage repair, air duct cleaning, crawl space encapsulation, and more. Reach out today to get started on your project.


Our Services Match Your Needs

Perhaps the single best thing a disaster recovery company can offer you in the wake of an unexpected event is the ability to match their services to your needs. Rather than coming in with a one-size-fits-all plan to take care of the issues, AdvantaClean will work with you to make sure the services we provide are perfectly suited to the problems you need to have solved. Communication is a big part of our ability to serve you properly on this project, so we are always open to hearing your ideas and answering your questions. Even if you don’t see something specifically listed in our service offerings, don’t hesitate to ask – there is a good chance we can still get the job done.


The AdvantaClean Difference

So, why would you work with AdvantaClean over the competition here in the High Point area? It all starts with the level of experience we bring to each job. We have helped the owners of countless homes and commercial buildings deal with unexpected problems over the years and that experience allows us to make quick work of even the most challenging jobs. Where other, less-experienced contractors might struggle to deal with the scope of these kinds of projects, our expert team will break the job down into manageable steps and then jump into action.


It’s also the variety of services we can provide that makes such a big difference. In the aftermath of a disaster, for example, your building will likely need many different kinds of work performed to bring it back to health. Repairing water damage is a pressing need for many homes and office buildings in this situation, as is proper mold remediation work. With all of the right equipment on hand and trained professionals to use that equipment, we are up for whatever you throw our way.


Get Started Immediately

When it comes to the health of your home, waiting should never be an option. You want to get going on important repair or maintenance tasks as soon as possible to make sure the situation gets better – not worse – in the days and weeks to come. Reach out to AdvantaClean immediately to talk about what you are facing and plan to get back on track. Whether it’s repair work after a disaster or preventive maintenance endeavors like crawl space encapsulation and air duct cleaning, we are here to serve you.