Discovering mold in your home is a concerning experience. Even if you don’t have any specific knowledge in this area, you probably know that mold can be bad for your health, so you may be concerned about the risks for your family and friends now that you know mold is present. Read through this article to gain a better understanding of the true risks and how they can be mediated.

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Watching for Warning Signs

When mold starts to grow in a home, it usually does so in places you can’t see. If there is a small leak behind a wall, or some moisture in a damp basement or crawl space, mold may develop while you are none the wiser. Unfortunately, even if the mold is out of sight, it can still negatively impact the health of you and your family. Some of the health warning signs that mold might be present include:

      Red, itchy eyes

      Irritated skin



      Aggravation of asthma symptoms

Of course, as you are probably thinking, the list above can describe many different situations, such as a common cold or seasonal allergies. So, you’ll need to monitor your health over time to see if these issues persist. If you continue to have problems with congestion and related issues, it will be worth considering if mold might be to blame.

Also, note that people with preexisting health conditions may experience more severe health effects. Specifically, individuals with asthma can deal with worse health impacts than others, and those health issues can become even more severe when large quantities of mold are present.

Stay High and Dry

Knowing that mold can lead to negative health consequences, it’s important to understand how to keep it from growing in your house. Simply put, avoiding mold problems is about keeping your house dry. Without water, mold will not be able to grow, and you won’t have to worry about any of these issues. With that said, mold does not require a lot of water – and it doesn’t even need to be standing water. Even high humidity can be enough to create the kind of warm, moist environment that allows mold to thrive.

Air conditioning is an effective mold preventative measure in your home during the summer months.  The AC will lower humidity levels enough inside the home that it makes it harder for mold to grow. It’s also critical to have any damage to your house repaired right away. Even a small leak in your roof can gradually let in enough moisture for serious mold problems to be discovered later.

Work with the Pros

If mold is discovered, or even if you simply suspect that mold might be growing in your house, turn to AdvantaClean to get help. Our team can perform a thorough mold inspection to track down any signs of growth, and our mold remediation services will make your house safe once again.

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