There are many reasons to be concerned when mold is discovered in your home. First and foremost, you’ll be worried about your health and the health of everyone else living in the house. Additionally, there is the cost of mold removal in High Point to consider – is this covered by insurance? The answer to this question can be a bit tricky, so the article below will offer some clarity.


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Unfortunately, It’s Complicated.

It would be great if we could say that homeowners insurance always covered mold remediation projects, but the reality is not so simple. In some cases, yes, the work will be covered by insurance, but that is not always true. To determine whether or not the mold damage that has occurred in your home will be covered by your policy, we need to dig a little deeper into the situation.


At the core of the matter is what caused the mold to form in the first place. If the cause of the mold is something that is covered under your homeowners insurance policy, the mold remediation should be covered. On the other hand, if mold has formed as a result of something that you don’t have coverage for, it’s likely that you will be out of luck. Getting to know the details of your policy will quickly make it clear what is covered and what is not included in your protections.


Some Common Situations

Let’s look at a couple of potential examples to bring more clarity to this matter. As a starting point, protection from flood damage is not something that is usually included as a standard feature in homeowners insurance. You can buy separate flood insurance, but damage from a flood event probably won’t be covered otherwise. So, by extension, if you wind up with a mold problem in the aftermath of a flood, the remediation work that needs to be performed would not be covered by insurance. 


Alternatively, if an appliance suddenly breaks and sends water everywhere in your house, that is likely to be a covered event in the terms of the damage it does. You’ll need to replace the appliance on your own – the insurance doesn’t cover that – but the resulting damage, including mold, should be taken care of by the policy.


Understanding Your Responsibility

You should note that you do have an obligation to care for your home rather than just trusting your insurance policy to step in and take care of problems like mold. This falls under the category of negligence in your policy – if you failed to perform basic upkeep and maintenance and the result was water damage and mold, you will struggle to get a claim paid in that situation.


Working with AdvantaClean on your mold remediation project is a great way to cut through the confusion and get the results you need. We are experienced in dealing with insurance companies so we’ll stand up for your side and do whatever we can to get the mold remediation work covered for you.

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