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AdvantaClean of the Emerald Coast

We are committed to the health and well-being of our community.

- Jim and Cindy Tanner, Owner

Keeping the air you breathe clean and safe has to be a top priority, and with AdvantaClean of the Emerald Coast, you’ll get the cleanest ductwork possible thanks to our HEPA-filtered equipment that is so powerful, it reaches every nook and cranny of your ventilation system. We take air duct cleaning seriously because it is seriously important for your health. Don’t wait to have an annual dryer vent cleaning service either – make sure that your home is as safe as possible from the risk of a dryer vent fire. Our dryer vent cleaning services are so thorough and affordable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact us sooner!

Why entrust something as serious as mold removal to someone who isn’t certified like we are? Take the fight to black mold and every other harmful spore in your home and office by calling us now at AdvantaClean. We use the latest mold remediation technology to find the spectrum of environmental toxins in every possible hiding spot in your structures. Then we ensure it’s eliminated for good.

Come see what a difference AdvantaClean of the Emerald Coast can make for your home or business: from the basement below to the attic above, we’ve got the tools and training to make your moisture control problems disappear. No matter the mold removal or flooding issue you’re facing, even if it’s black mold or a nasty sewer cleanup, we’ve got a fast, efficient and affordable moisture mitigation solution for your family. We look forward to serving you!

Mold Removal & Water Damage Restoration in the Emerald Coast

Moisture control in the Panhandle can be a real challenge – we all know how hot and damp things can get around here. That’s why you need a team of dedicated, highly-trained professionals like the ones you’ll find at AdvantaClean of the Emerald Coast to care for your homes and offices from the attic to the basement. We’re certified in all the latest mitigation techniques for mold remediation, water damage restoration, air duct cleaning. We also offer the most comprehensive preventative services like basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation. That may sound expensive, but we think you’ll be surprised at how affordable it can be – especially when you consider the savings you’ll have compared to fixing costly major water damage issues later.

Water damage happens because people and structures aren’t perfect. So when you need water removal and you need it now, don’t wait to call the water damage restoration specialists at AdvantaClean who can immediately take care of your flooding issue, whether it’s a minor flood cleanup or a major sewer cleanup problem. Our water removal services are so comprehensive and thorough, you’ll think that you never even had a problem in the first place! Forget about doing flood cleanup yourself: avoid the hassle and the worry that you didn’t actually get all of the moisture out of your property.

When it comes to moisture control, we’ve got all the tools to make your home and business as clean, dry and safe as possible. Have you thought about basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation? If not, you should. Basement moisture and crawl space moisture can account for a majority of the moisture that enters the places where you live and work. Getting rid of your unwanted basement moisture and crawl space moisture is as easy as contacting us.

AdvantaClean of the Emerald Coast is locally owned and operated by Jim and Cindy Tanner. They’re passionate about caring for their neighbors like you. So give them a call today!

At AdvantaClean of the Emerald Coast, we know that you have many options to choose from when it comes to resolving an indoor air quality issue or fixing a property that has sustained water damage. However, we are confident that in selecting our team of professional and dedicated experts, you will be making the right decision. We are locally owned and operated by Jim and Cindy Tanner.

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We make a difference in the community one person, friend, family, or neighbor at a time.


We do more than is expected, by our own choice, and our own will.


We treat others as we would like to be treated.


We set high standards and rise to meet them.


We meet others needs with a servant's heart.

We take pride in our service commitments and always strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction. The AdvantaClean approach includes continuous communication with our customers to ensure that all questions are answered and confusion is eliminated.

The AdvantaClean team is standing by to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us any time day or night and one of our knowledgeable and experienced representatives will quickly and efficiently assess the situation and offer possible remedies that are tailored to your specific needs. A fully certified and expertly trained team equipped with state of the art technology and tools is ready to be dispatched to your location to quickly remedy the problem and ensure that you and your family members or customers have the best environment in which to work and live.