Your Rooftop Snow Removal Checklist

Winter has fully arrived, and all the snow you can handle comes with it. Removing snow and ice accumulation on your roof can be an important part of keeping your home and family safe during the colder months. However, roof snow removal can be dangerous if you’re not thoroughly prepared, so there are plenty of important tips to keep in mind. Follow these tips to make your winter snow removal safer and keep heavy snow on the ground where it

1. Create a Plan for Snow Removal 

A sound plan is the foundation of a successful job, and planning ahead for removing snow from your roof can save you time and prevent accidents. Snow removal plans differ depending on if you have a flat roof or a pitched roof – and going on the roof to shovel is often not the best solution.

Try to keep your timing and the weather in mind also. Make sure to dress warmly for the frigid winter temperatures, and try to choose a clear day without much wind to help you stay safe while removing snow from your roof.

2. Choose the Right Equipment for the Job

When you’re getting ready to remove snow from your roof, make sure you have the right tools on hand. If you’re shoveling the snow, make sure to use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one. Metal shovels can cause more damage to your roof than when the snow accumulates on it.

Consider a snow rake if your home has a sloped roof. A roof rake can help you not only to remove snow from your roof safely without dealing with heights but can also be used to remove dangerous ice dams from your siding.

3. Be Safe and Thorough with Your Snow Removal

Monitor the condition of your roof to make sure you can safely navigate while removing snow. Leave a few inches of snow on your roof to ensure you won’t scrape the surface.

Remember gutters and downspouts as well when you’re taking care of your rooftop snow problems. De-icing your gutters and downspouts can remove ice dams and prevent dangerous icicles from forming on the side of your roof.

4. Work Smart and Focus on the Right Areas

Working smart can save headaches when removing snow from your roof. Remove snow in small batches while shoveling or raking your roof instead of making larger piles. Snow loading can cause structural damage to your rooftop or even cause a roof collapse in more severe cases.

If you’re raking a pitched roof, know the right areas to remove snow first. Start by knocking down any icicles and clearing up ice dams. Start your snow removal by clearing off the ridges and work your way to the eaves afterward. Work your way from the outside inwards, starting with the edges and moving further into the roof.

5. Take the Proper Safety Precautions

Rooftop snow removal can be dangerous for reasons other than the height and the ice. Make sure you familiarize yourself with any power lines near your roof and keep them in mind as you clean. Avoid using manual heat to melt ice, which can cause flooding from the resultant rushing water.

Safety doesn’t end at the roof, so ensure the ground is also thoroughly safe. Work with a partner who can keep any passersby out of the fall zone for snow from your roof. A safety partner can also help to stabilize the ladder while you go up and help in case of an accident.

6. Consider Alternative Tools for your Snow Removal

If you don’t like the thought of going up to your roof to shovel snow, some other snow removal tools can help. Snow rakes can be an effective way to safely remove snow from your roof while safely on the ground. Fastening a wire or rope to your roof can also be a way to move snow from your roof while standing on the ground.

If you’re nervous about clearing the accumulation yourself, don’t hesitate to call a professional snow removal service! Professionals come with the training and experience required to clean your roof and tools that allow them to clean your roof safely and

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