Preparing your home for the cold and harsh weather is imperative with the onset of winter. Safeguarding your family should be your top priority, so take all the necessary steps to secure your home this winter. Our annual maintenance checklist begins inside your home with these essential steps:

  • Protect Your Pipes

Insulate your water pipes to prevent freezing and avoid potential water damage. Pay special attention to pipes in your basement or crawl spaces. Any lines exposed to freezing temperatures can rupture and be costly to repair.

  • Inspect and Clean Your Chimney

Stay warm during cold weather by cleaning and inspecting your fireplace chimney. A professional inspection can help detect any damage or animals that may have made a home inside.

  • Check Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Remember to prioritize fire safety at home. Inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms frequently and have an escape plan in an emergency.

  • Have Your HVAC System Checked

Maintaining a clean and efficient central heating and air conditioning system is essential for regulating the temperature inside your home and improving indoor air quality. Consider hiring an air duct cleaning company like AdvantaClean to inspect and clean your system.

  • Stop Air Leakage in Your Home

Seal your home correctly to prevent air leakage during winter. Insulate lesser-used areas like the attic and basement. Install weather stripping for windows and doors to keep warm air inside and cold air out. Faulty door and window seals can increase your heating bill.

Securing Your Home’s Exterior for Winter 

There are plenty of steps that you can take to secure the outside of your property as well. Sometimes, protecting your residence's envelope can make a difference in whether pipes suffer freezing conditions or attics become flooded. A few considerations include:

  • Shutting Off Unused Water Sources - Disconnect garden hoses, drain water, and shut off the valve to prevent winter water damage.
  • Trim Hazardous Limbs and Clean the Gutters - Inspect your home's perimeter for any tree branches hanging over the roof or near windows, especially those near power lines, to avoid power disruption and damage during winter storms. Similarly, cleaning the gutters can help. It prevents water damage and ice buildup. Consider hiring a professional if needed.
  • Lawn Care for the Harsh Conditions - Prepare your garden for the cold weather by trimming perennials and using mulch. Drain gas and use antifreeze to protect lawn care equipment during the winter.
  • Avoid Damming - To avoid icicle buildup on your rooftop, get your roof inspected by a contractor specializing in weatherization or a home-energy auditor. Ice dams can damage gutters and shingles, leading to water backup and leaks. 

When You Need Professional Assistance

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Preparing for winter weather can help avoid damage to your home or business. But if you do experience mold, water damage, or fire damage, AdvantaClean is here to help. Our mold remediation, water damage restoration, and air duct cleaning services will ensure a healthier environment with minimal disruption to your daily life. Reach out to your local AdvantaClean team by calling (877) 800-2382.