The secret to mold control is moisture mitigation. If you experience water damage, the clock is ticking – if the problem is not addressed within 24-48 hours, mold growth is likely.  

Mold is a fungus with more than 300,000 variations. It is linked to the natural environment and is part of nature's breaking down dead organic matter such as dead leaves and trees. Indoors, however, mold growth must not be overlooked. Mold can begin to grow inside a building or house when the mold's spores land on wet surfaces inside. Keeping inside areas clean and moisture-free is necessary to hold mold-growth at bay. If you do end up experiencing a mold infestation, contact AdvantaClean for expert mold remediation services. Our company has kept houses and businesses safe and clean for more than 20

What is mold remediation?

The truth is that mold spores exist just about everywhere. All they need to thrive is a damp environment.. It doesn't take long for them to spread in residential and commercial properties. They can grow within as little as 48 hours. This calculation means that you need to remediate as quickly as possible when you see a mold problem on your property. The earlier you catch the mold in progress, the better your can lie dormant, but, believe us when we say, mold is always around us. It is moisture that activates the mold, allowing it to form colonies and spread even further. Removing mold can be a complicated process, especially since you want to ensure that it doesn't come back. Mold removal and remediation is not a do-it-yourself project — it's important to partner with professionals you can trust. Here’s AdvantaClean’s mold removal process:

  • We identify the source of the mold infestation.
  • We develop a plan to safely remediate the affected area.
  • We set up a containment space around the source to ensure that any mold within the space won’t spread to other areas of your home.
  • We remediate affected surfaces in accordance with IICRC S520 guidelines.

Can people see signs that mold is growing in their business or home?

Yes, they definitely can see or feel clues that mold is present. Signs include:

  • Mold usually gives off a musty, earthy smell. Some say it smells like dirty socks.
  • People living around mold often experience more allergies than usual. 
  • You see an increased amount of moisture in certain areas of your home or business.

What are the health risks when it comes to mold exposure?

Some who face mold exposure may risk suffering from:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin irritation
  • Persistent wheezing and coughing
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Lung damage and respiratory infections


If you are experiencing a mold issue, we can help. Contact AdvantaClean today! 

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