There are many factors involved in building or remodeling a home. With all of the project details on your list, it’s likely you haven’t thought much about the cleanliness of your home’s air at this time. However, it’s something worth everyone’s attention. 

The construction process kicks up a great deal of dirt and debris, much of which can end up in your home’s air system. Once these particles get into your ductwork, they will continue to accumulate until they eventually get kicked back out into your home’s air circulation for you to breathe. This may not sound like a serious issue, but if your home’s air quality is bad enough, it can cause health problems.

Post-Construction Debris

Routinely cleaning your ducts is important. However, it’s even more critical if your home is newly built or has recently undergone some other form of construction. The air filters in your heating and cooling system can only handle so much before spitting the particles back out into the air, and construction is guaranteed to give it more than it can take. 

Running your HVAC system during the construction process can increase the amount of dust and debris particles that get picked up, and it will cause them to spread more. This particle spread is one reason we recommend against using your air conditioning or heating system until the construction is finished. 

If you have a newly constructed home and weren’t aware of the consequences of using the HVAC system during construction, don’t feel too badly. It’s a common mistake that many people make, and it can be fixed. An air duct cleaning service like AdvantaClean can help you get back to optimum indoor air quality.

Do I Really Need to get my Ducts Cleaned Professionally?

There are so many steps in the construction process that could cause your air quality to decrease. Installing drywall can get plaster and drywall dust into the air, cutting wood creates sawdust — and almost every aspect of the construction process yields similar results. 

Inhaling foreign particles can lead to health issues down the road. Wood dust, for example, poses a significant risk to the health of anyone who breathes it in. Inhaling it allows it to make its way into lung tissue and can cause or worsen asthma. It can even contribute to lung cancer. 

Setting aside the dangerous types of debris specific to construction, you also have to worry about everyday dust and debris. Then, there’s also pet dander and pollen for the people with allergies. The filters in any HVAC system tend to be pretty effective, but once too much debris builds up, it can’t take anymore. Clogged filters also strain your equipment and can lead to premature failure if you don’t clean or replace the filters to allow freer air exchange.  



Cleaning your air ducts isn’t something you can typically complete yourself. Even your standard janitor or handyman won’t have the resources and tools needed to clean your ducts properly. The only ones with the right skills and equipment are people that specialize in this sort of thing — like the team at AdvantaClean.


If you have a newly constructed home (or even if it’s just been a while), you should look into hiring a team of professionals to clean out your ducts. If you choose to work with AdvantaClean, you can rest easy knowing that you got the best air duct cleaning service available.


Our Process

AdvantaClean's professional air duct cleaners respectfully greet you at the door and walk you through our process, which typically follows these steps:


  • Starting with preparation, we will analyze your vents to ensure they are accessible and put a protective floor cover down where necessary.
  • The vents will be sealed and put under negative pressure to maximize flow.
  • A powerful vacuum will be connected, which will collect all contaminants that the process may dislodge. 
  • We will use compressed air to knock loose any remaining particles for the vacuum to collect. 
  • We finish up by sealing the hole and reviewing our work with you.


If your ducts need cleaning, contact AdvantaClean today for a high-quality duct cleaning service. View the other services we offer, and remember that we're available 24/7 for emergencies.  


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