Everyone looks forward to putting the gloomy winter days behind them. However, transitioning from cold weather into the newness of spring could mean some bumps in the road for your home. The good news here is that there are several ways to safeguard your property and prepare for all the enjoyment of the warmer months in front of us. You can save a lot of stress, time, and money as you prepare your home to handle the changing season. 

The AdvantaClean team has put together a helpful list that covers everything you need to tackle home projects to help you welcome the season and keep your home at its best:

  1. Check your roof and gutter system. Grab a ladder and take some time to visually inspect your roofing to see any damage where leaks may become an issue. This is also the perfect time to work on clearing out any debris and leaves that winds and storms may have dropped into the gutters. If you can catch a rainy day when you have some time to spare, walk around your home to ensure all the gutters and downspouts are working as they should. Look to see if there are leaks or if you notice water puddling on the ground, and always ensure the downspout is pointed away from the foundation of your home. These simple steps can benefit your building's structure and foundation wall. 


  1. Head up to the attic. Put on some gloves, safety glasses, and a protective breathing mask, and head up to your attic. This is a time to check out insulation and joists for water damage and to see whether or not you can smell mildew or mold. Microbial growth can impact indoor air quality (IAQ) and cause immense secondary damage, so set up a detailed mold inspection if you see or smell any red flags.


  1. Walk around your outdoor perimeter. Inspect all piping, spigots, pond pumps, and other fixtures and devices that utilize water to look for leaks and other issues. Taking care of potential problems now will help you to avoid water damage inside your home. Also, be mindful of sewer drains to keep them free of debris. If you have a well and septic, this is the time to schedule your annual maintenance or even a water quality test to ensure you have no toxins in your drinking water. 


  1. Time to look around your main floor. Walk through your home, look under all cabinets to check for piping leaks, and see how the seals around your shower fixtures and toilets are holding up. When you spot a leak early enough, you could save a ton of money on restoring water damage. Just like you did in your attic, you can also do a visual inspection and smell test of storage areas and closets that may have been used only some time ago. Look for mold growth in the form of discoloration or any musty smells that could point to water damage. Always be careful when doing so, as you want to be safe during your walkthrough and never want the issues to worsen. AdvantaClean offers detailed mold remediation services to help you address any concerns.


  1. Don't forget your crawl space or basement. Once you enjoy the warmer weather and the newness of spring, always make sure you head down to the lower level of your home for some inspection. While homeowners often tend to forget these areas, you must remember that they are also prone to costly water damage issues that tend to develop during the springtime thaw. Inspect the foundation floor and walls to see if there are visible cracks, as water has been freezing and thawing on the outer perimeter. This action can push on the foundation, leading to gaps where water or toxic gasses can seep into your home. Suppose your lower level does not already have a dehumidifier. In that case, there is no better time than right now to get one to help improve humidity levels and indoor air quality for the interior of your living space. This is also the perfect time to check out your water heater, HVAC unit, and air ducts, as well as your sump pump to ensure they all work. Think about routine maintenance if you have been putting it off, and consider having backup power sources to fire up your sump pump should the electricity go out during spring or summertime storms. 

Do you have moisture control issues or suspect mold and water damage? AdvantaClean is here for all your inspection and restoration needs. Our team of experts understands best practices to provide all area property owners with trusted results for a healthy home or business. Remember, it's not clean until it's AdvantaClean. 

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