Every December, millions of Americans make a list of resolutions to make their next 12 months better than their last. Two of the most common resolution themes are ways to save money and ways to get healthier. With 2023 just weeks away, we’re providing four great ways to discourage mold growth in your home, which means a healthier environment for you and your family AND avoiding the expense of mold removal. 

Keep Warm

The colder months of the year mean that your home’s heating and cooling system is likely doing anything but cooling right now. Frigid temperatures can push your heating bill through the roof. When your electric or gas bill starts to rise, it may be tempting to lower the thermostat, especially in areas of your home that get less frequent use.ac-12-29-22-P.jpgHowever, as the air temperatures lower in a room, moisture condenses, and the humidity level rises. A consistently humid room can quickly turn into an ideal breeding ground for mold. Keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature can help moderate the humidity level and decrease the risk of mold growth.

Clean Up the Basement

In most homes, indoor air flows from bottom to top. This means that the air quality of your entire living space is impacted by the air on your lowest level — the basement.

If you have an unfinished basement, look closely at any exposed concrete. Mold and mildew growth can be subtle and hard to spot without a bright light and sharp eye. Specific mold test kits available at many hardware stores can inform you of harmful, invisible spores in the air in as little as a few hours. Take special note of any apparent moisture you find; you may have a hidden leak on your hands.

If your basement is finished, make sure it’s nearly as warm as the rest of your home. Not sure how damp your basement is? A thermo-hygrometer can tell you precisely how much moisture is in the air and alert you if the level gets too high. If moisture builds up in your basement, mold could start to damage the walls or structure of your home, and you’ll need mold remediation services like the ones AdvantaClean provides. 

Service the A/C

Though you may still have snow in your yard, now is a great time to think of warmer times ahead! When the summer months get going, your air conditioner will be the one keeping your family happy and healthy, so it’s essential to take care of it before it’s desperately needed. 

As the weather transitions from cold to hot, the condensation we’ve warned against may build up in the air conditioner. This could put you in danger of spreading mold throughout the entire system. If it’s been a few years since anyone has taken a good look at your unit or centralized system, schedule a professional to come to service it. You should also schedule air duct cleaning every few years to help your system run efficiently and ensure good indoor air quality.

Scrub the Bathroom

As the room most commonly associated with water (and moisture build-up), take extra steps to help stop mold in its tracks. 

Start by doing your regular cleaning routine. Once you’ve completed that, take the time to squeegee the bath and shower walls, where water likes to sit. If you haven’t already, seal your grout lines to prevent moisture from seeping through the cracks. For maximum effectiveness, perform this task at least once a year.

Mold in the hard surfaces of your shower or tub can be easily scrubbed away, but be sure to also watch for mold growth in bathroom cabinets and on walls or ceilings. Running an exhaust fan during showers can help circulate humidity out and away from any corners where mold can grow.ac-12-29-22-S.jpgIf you notice mold growth or moisture issues, call AdvantaClean. Our mold removal specialists can assess any mold, mildew, and water damage in your home and are ready to work on the clean-up. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we understand what it means to you to have a clean house and know what it takes to get it there. Get in touch today for a healthier home.

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