Are you Ready to Spring Forward?

Sunday, March 12, 2023, will be here before you know it, marking the beginning of Daylight Savings Time (DST) for most of the United States. As you turn your clock forward an hour, make good use of this yearly milestone by readying your home for a new season. It’s the perfect time to tackle essential system checkups and cleaning projects as you spring forward. Include some or all of the following items recommended to enhance your home’s safety and comfort going into warmer weather. 

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Change Batteries or Replace Safety Devices

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are vital to keeping you and your family secure and healthy. While these monitors will cheep when their power source has worn out, experts urge residents not to wait for the warning chirps. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends monthly testing of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms following the instructions provided with the devices. Catch up on any missed maintenance in March by checking for proper operation and installing new smoke alarm batteries. Note that carbon monoxide detectors need complete replacement at the end of their lifetime after 5 to 10 years, depending on the specific product and manufacturer.

Inspect Your Fire Extinguisher 

Ensure the fire extinguishers in your kitchen, and other high-risk spaces are fully operational. Recharge or replace if needed.

Clean Condenser Coils

Condenser coils in refrigerators and freezers and free-standing air conditioners and dehumidifiers provide evaporative cooling action. Inspect the coils at the bottom or rear of these appliances for residue and dust, then follow with a thorough vacuuming to improve their efficiency.  Unclogging drains and emptying condensation collection pans should also be added to your DST maintenance checklist.   

Check and Swap Out Filters

Many household systems and appliances feature washable or replaceable filters. Scrutinizing and addressing the condition of these filters can optimize the performance of your home’s equipment and improve air quality. Obtain appropriately sized and designed replacement filters or educate yourself on the removal and cleaning of permanent filters: 

  • HVAC forced-air systems combine heating, cooling, and dehumidification actions with reasonably easy access to disposable and replaceable filters for all applications. If the condition of the ductwork concerns you, call AdvantaClean for assistance.
  • Ductless air conditioner units, whether window-mounted or mini-split, have removable filters you can rinse or vacuum before reinsertion.
  • Refrigerators equipped with water and ice dispensers have filters you can change, and this is a great time to check the cartridges for your sink water purification systems, if applicable.  

Inspect Plumbing and Appliances

  • Appliances in your utility or laundry room will work more efficiently if they get a DST checkup. If you feel competent, some of the maintenance can be do-it-yourself. Otherwise, contact a trusted plumber.
  • Clothes dryer lint traps need cleaning after every load. The ductwork from the dryer to the outdoors should be inspected and cleared of debris from both sides--starting inside the dryer and finishing outside, where critters could nest near or in the exhaust vent. AdvantaClean specializes in dryer vent cleaning
  • You can remove washing machine filters and clear debris, perhaps finding some lost treasures in the process. 
  • Water heaters need draining at least yearly, which could become a DIY task or a professional job depending on your preference.
  • Take the time to walk through your entire home, looking at visible plumbing lines and connections. A visual inspection of hoses and connections might reveal cracks or missing hardware. If you notice seepage or leaks, address the issue right away,
  • Musty-smelling areas or staining might signal mold growth. Obtain an expert assessment to plan remediation to prevent damage to structures and avoid health issues for susceptible family members or other occupants.

Window and Door Seals

Stormy weather and melt and freeze cycles can adversely affect the tight seals needed to keep the elements out of your home. Check windows and doors for air and water leaks. Line up repairs before the rains and heat of spring and summer allow water and wind damage.

Gutter and Downspout Maintenance

Depending on the early-March weather expected in your region, inspecting your roof’s drainage system might be a DST task. Areas of the country with heavy snowfall usually benefit from a comprehensive gutter cleaning in the fall, but you cannot overdo evaluating your home’s precipitation management. As snow and ice melt, make sure gutters and associated hardware are empty of debris, in good shape, angled correctly to facilitate water flow away from your foundation, and installed securely.

Contact AdvantaClean

Many items on your Daylight Savings Time action list involve the potential to find and respond to poor air quality or water damage, including secondary mold issues if not resolved. AdvantaClean has trained and certified technicians and specialized equipment to professionally remedy wind, water, and even mold problems at your home. Call us for help assessing any concerns and planning steps for appropriate interventions to aid recovery. 

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