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Molds of all kinds are part of the natural environment all around us. Outside the home, various fungus species play a role in nature by working to break down dead organic matter like trees and leaves. However, inside your home, it’s important to avoid microbial growth. These organisms reproduce through tiny spores invisible to the naked eye, which get dislodged and float throughout the air. If spores land on damp surfaces and have the correct temperatures and organic matter to feed on, they can thrive and cause issues. 

Professional Mold Inspection and Remediation

No property is immune to mold development, but your approach dictates your results. DIY methods not only leave you open to health issues, but the chances are good that you will only dislodge spores and make the problem worse. Intervention by skilled technicians helps contain the colony and remove spores from the air. There are also many areas to remember during such a project, including your ductwork, tight spaces behind walls, and more. AdvantaClean specializes in safe, effective remediation so your family can breathe easily again. 

Acting Promptly is Key

Some factors to keep in mind:

  • Spores can spread up to a square inch per day. As time passes, this is a troubling speed that spreads into hidden crevices. 
  • Microbial growth causes immense structural damage to a building and health hazards for occupants.
  • AdvantaClean’s mold remediation team addresses colonies present and identifies other risks to prevent further growth.

What are the Benefits of Professional Removal?

With all of the problems involved with mold development, you want to know all bases are covered. Just a sampling of the great benefits of hiring our AdvantaClean IICRC-certified technicians include the following: 

  • Proper removal helps mitigate all issues and keeps the colonies from spreading further, thus saving you time and money. 
  • Professional intervention also helps improve indoor air quality (IAQ) while addressing other allergens from the impacted area. 
  • We offer comprehensive disaster recovery services to mitigate the effects of the disaster, minimize damage, and restore the affected area to its previous state as much as possible.

AdvantaClean Always Arrives Prepared

Once you contact us for mold intervention services, we quickly mobilize a crew and all the necessary equipment and tools. As the team arrives at your home, we put on personal protective equipment (PPE) and begin the initial assessment to determine the project's scope. Careful containment measures commence, involving plastic containment sheeting and negative air pressure systems. Our technicians set up air scrubbers with HEPA filtration and use specialized vacuums to pull up spores. We always address the root cause of the moisture problem, and all surfaces get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so that you can rest assured your interior is safe to enjoy daily life again. 

Can I Prevent Mold Growth Moving Forward?

We suggest regularly checking areas within your home with high moisture content and cleaning with antimicrobial solutions and disinfectants. Keeping these areas as dry as possible could prevent an infestation while ensuring your IAQ stays at optimal levels. 

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AdvantaClean is the answer whenever you suspect mold growth in your home. We have the skills, training, and certifications so you can feel confident your property is in excellent hands. Call us at 877-800-2382, and we can set a crew in motion immediately.