Since disasters can happen at any moment, you need to be prepared to address any storm or event that comes your way. When you have the responsibilities of a property manager, having a solid action plan in place will not only save you from extreme weather property damage, but it could also save the lives of tenants. AdvantaClean wants to ensure all property managers have the information necessary to be prepared and stay calm in an emergency. 

Proactively creating a disaster plan can help keep property damage to a minimum in the following scenarios:

  • Power outages
  • Local fires
  • Winter storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding
  • Tornadoes
  • And other extreme weather events

Steps for Developing a Disaster-Ready Plan

We understand that managing any property can be challenging at times. Severe weather, natural disasters, and climate change’s effects make building safety imperative. Whether it is a large multi-family complex, a single-family rental or commercial building you manage, preparedness is critical. Good emergency plans involve the following:

  • Listing all local services for your tenants, so they know the best personnel to contact in the event of a disaster.
  • Ensure all fire escape routes and emergency exits are clearly marked.
  • Every property should have detailed evacuation routes so all occupants can get out safely.
  • Your response plan should also assist tenants with information regarding the property’s utilities during a crisis, including water, electricity and gas. 

How to Communicate the Disaster Plan to Tenants

A preparedness plan is only effective if all tenants and residents know about it and how to follow it. 

  • Ensure all new tenants review and understand the preparedness plan.
  • Detail all fire extinguisher locations and evacuation routes throughout the property.
  • Display clear signage on all fire-safe stairwells and emergency exits to promote safe travel during an emergency. 

Your Role as a Property Manager

Ensuring tenant safety is a main priority, and you can facilitate this by keeping an open line of communication regarding all emergency planning. Keep tenant contact information handy should a disaster arise, and keep all residents informed of all situations relating to the property. You can do this via email, text, or a quick courtesy call to ensure they are updated. 

Disaster Prevention 101

Awareness and preparedness are important, but you can also work to proactively prevent many emergencies. Always stay on top of preventative maintenance with tasks such as:

  • Landscaping and brush trimming to prevent the spread of fire from a nearby source
  • Keeping up with snow and ice removal during winter, paying close attention to overhanging tree branches
  • Testing smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other preventative equipment to regularly ensure proper working condition

AdvantaClean also wants to remind property managers that while a fire may be your primary concern, flooding can do just as much damage – or more. Care and maintenance can go a long way to keep you from incurring water damage. 

FEMA offers several helpful guidelines that can assist you in the development of a preparedness plan to protect your real estate and tenants. Insights include wise measures such as replacing smoke alarms ten years after manufacture and providing fire extinguishing training. 

Trust the AdvantaClean Advantage

When faced with a disaster's fallout, AdvantaClean can be there within hours to mitigate the damage and get your property back on track. Any property manager dealing with flooding, fire, or storm damage can trust our skilled technicians to restore everything to normal in no time. 

Contact us for your restorationand professional property upkeep needs, including air duct cleaning, mold remediation, and more!

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