AdvantaClean for Commercial Storm Response

As a commercial property owner, you must be vigilant about emergency preparedness, including hurricanes and significant storm events. Destructive storms can leave your business in disarray and employees out of a job with sudden downtime looming.  You could face flooding and devastating wind damage that calls for water damage cleanup and emergency roof tarping or board-up services. One of the best ways to minimize these losses is to follow a detailed hurricane preparedness checklist before storm development. Getting in touch with our AdvantaClean team for pre-planning also ensures you have all areas covered in a weather emergency. AdvantaClean is standing by for local area businesses. Rely on us for rapid disaster recovery services and water damage restoration when you need it most.

What Will a Hurricane Preparedness Checklist Do?

The plan, or checklist, is a disaster prep assistant to help commercial property owners remain proactive. The goal is to reduce the loss of structural, roof, and interior damage so you can reopen your business as soon as possible. When you have short and long-term measures in place, your insurance process can also be streamlined to help roofing contractors and cleanup crews to move forward. Overall, implementing these emergency strategies helps businesses with water mitigation and getting everything back up and running.

Short-Term Commercial Property Preparedness

The steps in a short-term plan for your business should include the following:

  • Weather report monitoring to determine when and if evacuation is advised.
  • Having essential documents safe and in a waterproof container for travel.
  • Verifying that all employees are correctly listed on the contact list.
  • Securing all windows and doors to prevent wind damage.
  • Cleaning out floor grates and drains to prevent unnecessary flooding.
  • Topping off emergency generators with fuel and moving them to safe positions.
  • Elevating inventory and equipment that may suffer from water damage.
  • Shutting off main fuel lines.

Long-Term Commercial Property Preparedness

When you run a commercial building, long-term preparedness puts you in a position of readiness and strength in the case of wind or hurricane damage. Having a plan in place also helps you to get organized whenever severe weather impacts your community. Some of the factors of your long-term checklist should include the following:

  • Pre-hurricane roofing inspection to identify possible weaknesses that could succumb to debris and wind damage.
  • Building a disaster reserve with funds to secure your property when a weather event is looming. 
  • Formulate a business continuity plan that ensures you can stay open for business and function after a hurricane or disaster strikes.
  • Plan with your employees by gathering all emergency contact information and determining communication lines    before, during, and after the weather event.
  • Secure all key technology and have offsite backup records should there be a total loss at your facility.
  • Practice your plan with stakeholders and employees every 6 to 12 months to anticipate challenges and plan for variable changes. 

The AdvantaClean Hurricane Restoration Advantage

The AdvantaClean team is here to help your business plan for the worst, and we can be there promptly after a disaster strikes. As a water damage company with extensive experience and training, we have become a trusted name for water mitigation, moisture control, and restoration. With one phone call, you will have our IICRC-certified technicians at your door, helping you to lessen damage to your commercial property.

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We work fast with proven methods to ensure your doors remain open or to minimize downtime. We can assist with board up and tarping, rapid water extractions, drying protocols, and repair services to make it like new again. Call us at 877-800-2382; we can be there within hours to begin the water damage cleanup and restoration process.