Owning a commercial facility demands attention to emergency planning, notably for hurricanes and significant weather disturbances. Such storms can wreak havoc on your enterprise and stall your operations. You might encounter extensive flood and wind damage, necessitating immediate flood remediation and urgent services like roof tarping or window boarding. A proactive approach involves adhering to a comprehensive storm safety checklist before the onset of a hurricane. Engaging with our AdvantaClean experts for advanced planning ensures comprehensive coverage in any weather crisis. For local businesses, AdvantaClean is ready to offer swift disaster recovery and flood restoration services when they're most needed.

The Purpose of a Storm Safety Checklist

This checklist serves as a guide to assist commercial property owners in staying ahead of disasters. Its aim is to diminish the extent of damage to structures, roofs, and interiors, enabling a quicker business restart. Immediate and future preventive measures can also expedite insurance claims, facilitating the work of roofing and clean-up professionals. Above all, these emergency procedures are vital for water damage mitigation and prompt business reinstatement.

Immediate Measures for Commercial Facility Safety

Your short-term emergency plan should include:

  • Monitoring weather forecasts to decide whether to evacuate.
  • Ensuring essential documents are secure and watertight for evacuation.
  • Confirming the accuracy of employee contact information.
  • Fortifying windows and doors against wind damage.
  • Clearing drains and grates to avert flooding.
  • Refueling and safely positioning emergency generators.
  • Elevating at-risk inventory and machinery to avoid water damage.
  • Disconnecting main fuel lines.

Long-Term Strategies for Facility Safety

Commercial property managers benefit greatly from establishing a comprehensive long-term readiness plan, which serves to fortify their properties against wind or hurricane-induced damages. This proactive approach not only streamlines their response to severe weather events but also plays a crucial role in enhancing community resilience. Critical aspects of a readiness plan should include:

  • Conducting pre-storm roof assessments to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities.
  • Establishing a disaster fund for imminent weather emergencies.
  • Creating an ongoing strategy to ensure operational sustainability post-disaster.
  • Organizing a comprehensive employee preparedness program, including emergency contacts and communication plans.
  • Securing critical technologies and maintaining off-site backup of essential records.
  • Regularly rehearsing the plan with all stakeholders and staff to refine response strategies.

AdvantaClean's Commitment to Hurricane Recovery

Our AdvantaClean crew is dedicated to helping your business prepare for and recover from disasters swiftly. As experts in water damage remediation, moisture management, and restoration, our reputation for reliability and proficiency stands strong. Our IICRC-certified technicians are just a call away, ready to reduce property damage and aid in swift recovery.


Our rapid response teams employ effective strategies to keep your business operational or to shorten any interruptions. From boarding and tarp services to quick water removal, drying, and repair, we're equipped to restore your facility to its pre-disaster condition. Contact us for immediate assistance with flood damage clean-up and restoration efforts.