Snowy regions are prone to frozen pipes, which can lead to disastrous consequences. Inadequate protection and exposure to extreme winter cold can cause lines to freeze and burst due to increasing ice pressure. Any building is vulnerable to this sudden freeze.

It's important to remember that commercial properties are just as vulnerable to dramatic changes in temperature as residential properties. They can be even more susceptible, especially since business facilities are often unoccupied during off-hours and weekends. When it comes to burst pipes, what may start as an undetected leak on a cold Saturday night can quickly become a facility-wide emergency by Monday morning.

How Freezing Impacts Your Bottom Line

Fixing broken pipes is expensive, and water damage from burst pipes can cause significant financial losses for businesses. Repairs can be time-consuming, and profitable operations can be affected until completion. It is essential to understand why and where pipes freeze and burst and implement a plan to prevent it.

To prevent pipe bursts, remember that pipes not contained within a heated building are most vulnerable. An area warm enough for a person to work in without winter clothing is relatively safe, but regions too cold for extended human presence require extra measures.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

  • Heating

To prevent frozen pipes, ensure proper heating by inspecting unexposed areas and applying heat tape if needed. Preventative measures are cheaper than repairs.

  • Insulation

Install a protective insulation layer between pipes and outer walls to keep them secure. You can find fiberglass or polyethylene insulation at most hardware stores.

  • Sealing

Heat transfers much more rapidly in moving air, which can result in pipes freezing quickly. Therefore, you must plug holes you discover as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Up the Damage

You might be unable to avoid the damage a burst pipe can do. Often, property managers are unaware of a problem until the worst has occurred. Fortunately, you can count on the swift response of AdvantaClean to help minimize the interruption to your business in the earliest hours.

  • Restoration: Unexpected water damage caused by floods, plumbing leaks, broken pipes, storms, sewage backup, and appliance malfunctions can devastate your business. AdvantaClean is there through every step of recovery.
  • Extraction and Drying: Simply using water removal services may not be enough to thoroughly remove all moisture from your business facility after water damage. Water may be hidden behind walls, under flooring, or in your HVAC system and vents.
  • Document Recovery: Water damage affects flooring, ceilings, and furniture and devastates sensitive records and documents.
  • Mold Removal: Mold growth concerns businesses of all sizes after water damage due to its ability to thrive in moist conditions.

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When dealing with the destructive force of the winter season, you can count on the swift arrival of AdvantaClean professionals to help mitigate, clean, dry, and repair your property. We are there with you every step of the way. Give us a call at (877) 800-2382.