If you’re on the fence about having a mold removal service performed in your commercial business because you’re afraid it’s going to be too disruptive to your operations, we’re going to offer you some insight to help you make this important decision. Especially if your business has been affected by the coronavirus, then now might be the perfect time to invest in a mold-related service to set your business up for success once things get back to normal. Here’s how you can continue business as usual during mold removal:

Mold removal might not take as long as you think it does.

Unless you’ve had a mold remediation specialist conduct a thorough mold inspection and mold testing in your workspaces, then how can you be sure what the extent of the mold damage really is? Are you dealing with a strain of black mold, which can be highly toxic, or a more neutral species of mold spores? Additionally, are you facing a full-scale mold outbreak or a localized problem that’s only affecting one portion of your building? These and other considerations are key pieces of information that will help you decide when and how to move forward with a mold removal service. Maybe your operations won’t be severely affected. But even if a bigger mold remediation process is required, you can take into consideration some alternative plans for how to execute your operations, such as:

  • Consolidating workspaces or using conference rooms during
  • Temporarily working from home or another remote location
  • Deep-cleaning and maintenance to coincide with mold mitigation
  • Hold a staff retreat or other training event during the mold removal

Is avoiding a day of maintenance work really worth risking your employees’ health?

Once you’ve had an estimate of the time and cost that will be required to properly mitigate the mold in your commercial business, it’s time to crunch some longer-term numbers. Think about the relatively small cost of investing in the mold remediation that’s essential to preserving a safe and healthy workspace for your people (not to mention staying up to Code). Even if you have to temporarily halt your operations for a few hours, or work remotely, or otherwise adjust your business for a few hours or worst case a few days, consider how this amount of temporary lower productivity will pale in comparison to the long-run risks. Think about how you’ll save money on things like:

  • Lower maintenance costs later from a proactive mold remediation now
  • Higher employee morale, which means higher productivity
  • Fewer hours lost to employees being sick or on disability
  • More peace of mind for everyone knowing it’s safe to come to work

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Which mold removal company is going to make it happen the fastest, with the least amount of impact on your daily operations?

Choosing a mold remediation service provider isn’t an easy task, but it should be a simple one. Look for a company like yours which is staffed with local professionals who take pride in a job well done — on time, on budget, and above your expectations. That’s the kind of service you strive to give your customers, right? That’s how we are too at AdvantaClean. Since 1994, our local franchises have been giving fellow businesses like yours the best mold testing, mold inspection and mold remediation services available anywhere in the market. Especially in the era of COVID-19, we know your business probably has contamination concerns already — so why not be sure that your workspaces are truly clean and healthy for you and your team? Compare us to our competitors and we think you’ll find the following qualities in our reviews:

  • Consistently solid performance and customer satisfaction
  • Fair pricing and flexibility with commercial business operations
  • Professional, courteous and thorough mold removal specialists
  • Fast and effective service that is provided on schedule and budget

Why else should you consider AdvantaClean for your mold removal service?

Our mold mitigation teams are certified because we’re the very best at mold mitigation services. We use only the most advanced equipment equipped with HEPA filtration systems and our mold remediation specialists treat your commercial business with the same amount of attention and effort as we would our own offices and homes. This is your health, and it’s the most important thing of all! Especially in this age of the coronavirus, now is the best time to invest in a comprehensive mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal service for the long-term good of your workspace and, most important of all, the people who work in it.