During the cold winter months, we can get so focused on heating our living spaces that we can easily forget how important it is to also control the humidity. When was the last time you thought about your home’s humidity – and even more importantly, have you actually checked it to see what it is right now? There are consequences for humidity that’s both too high and too low, so if you’re not in the know on these topics, then read on because we’re going to show you how to control your indoor humidity and why it’s important!

  1. Buy a hygrometer at a local drug store, home improvement store, or from an online retailer. They’re only about ten bucks for an entry-level device, and most of them will tell you both the temperature and the humidity in your indoor space. This information will set you up for success with the following helpful information.

  2. Your target should be somewhere around 45-55% humidity, adjusted to the unique needs of you, your loved ones and your home itself. This range tends to be the “happy medium” between damp conditions on the higher end of things, and super-dry air on the other end. Before we recommend how to higher or lower your humidity, though, let’s take a quick look at some of the harmful effects of both ends of the spectrum.

  3. High humidity can cause moisture control problems like mold issues. All that mold spores need to grow are the right balance of temperature and moisture in a place where they can feed on a substance – and unfortunately, there are many thousands of mold strains that like to feast on almost anything. So keeping your home’s humidity above the ideal middle range is inviting additional problems for your health and your wallet. For this reason alone, if your home’s humidity is above 60%, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. Make sure you read the owner’s manual when you install it, though, because you don’t want the humidifier itself getting infested with moldy spores too!

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  1. Low humidity can cause quality of life issues for you and your home. Air that’s too dry can dry out your eyes and your skin, and it can even dry out the surfaces of your furniture and your floors over time and cause cracking there too. So if your hygrometer shows you below the ideal range and you or your home have been experiencing these kinds of symptoms, then a great first step would be to purchase a humidifier. Thankfully these handy devices aren’t too expensive and they’re relatively easy to maintain. Once again, though, make sure you read up on how to keep the machine clean and functional.

  2. Here are a few other simple ways to improve your indoor humidity levels. If your problem is that your indoor living spaces are too dry – which is the most common issue during the colder months, then first you can set some open containers of water near your furnace to add some humidity to the air that it’s pushing throughout your home. Second, you might also consider adding some plants to your indoor spaces – they’ll not only freshen your air naturally, but they can also improve your humidity levels. Third, you can even use a simple spray bottle to spritz some water throughout your living spaces and this can have a direct and almost immediate effect on the humidity of the room where you’re experiencing dryness. Once again, it’s a great idea to make a small investment in a humidifier to help keep your nose and sinuses moist and healthy, and this can also decrease the risk of infection. It might even keep you from snoring so much!

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