If you’ve been considering a professional air duct cleaning service but aren’t sure what to expect, the following guide will give you all the important information you need to know what is included in air duct cleaning services. Many business or homeowners have never considered this service so it’s great that you’re doing good research before choosing a provider to trust with your hard-earned money and your building or home’s indoor air quality. So here are the essential items for your attention before, during and after an air duct cleaning service:


Do research into some reputable service providers in your area and consult various websites to read reviews from other consumers about their experience with those companies. You should always consult the Better Business Bureau’s website to verify that the business is registered and has a solid rating for taking care of its customers. Narrow your search down to a couple candidates and contact them for a cost estimate and see if they have availability to service your building in a timeline that will work with your schedule. When the contractors arrive at your property to assess your ductwork, ask them to show you where the contamination is bad enough that it warrants an air duct cleaning. Any contractor worth their salt is going to be honest with you about whether you need their services in the first place. You’ll also want to verify that the company has valid, current licenses for your state because some states expect air duct cleaners to have a special license. See the EPA’s website for additional detailed information.

Prepare your home by making sure that the contractor will have access to all of your HVAC components and all of the registers where he or she will need to be able to reach in order to clean the length of your ductwork. If you are having your home’s ducts cleaned, have a plan for your pets in case they don’t like having visitors in your home, and bear in mind that depending on the scope and severity of your home’s air duct situation, the service can take anywhere from a few hours to the better part of a day to complete.


Do your best to monitor the technician’s work throughout the day to ensure that he or she is properly creating a negative pressure system to loosen and suction away particles that have become lodged in your ventilation system. Ideally they will be cleaning your HVAC system components as well to maximize its efficiency and safety. The contractor’s equipment should be HEPA-filtered to make sure that they’re not just taking toxic bits of dust, dander and other particles from your ductwork and pushing them into your living spaces. If you’re not sure what the proper procedures look like, consult the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) website for the specific standards they expect from their member companies. The technician should also be protecting your floors and carpets from being damaged by their equipment, and they shouldn’t be taking excessive breaks if you’re paying by the hour. Watch to ensure that they’re actually cleaning all the areas they agreed to clean in your written agreement. Shady contractors will cut corners when you’re not looking and tell you everything is clean when in fact, they just wanted to get home as fast as possible.

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Before the contractor leaves your property, ask him or her to walk you through everything they did and show you the results of the cleaning. They should also clean up any messes they may have made during the cleaning process. You just spent your hard-earned money for their services, so don’t be shy about having them prove that they worked hard to receive it! If they’ve done a great job, then give them a shout-out with a great review online. If they didn’t, then contact the company’s management first to voice your concerns, and if they’re not receptive or responsive to your feedback, then you can get the Better Business Bureau involved.


For 25 years, AdvantaClean has been making air duct and HVAC systems as clean and healthy as possible for businesses, and homeowners, across America. Our technicians use all the techniques approved by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the most powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum equipment available in the market today, and most of all, we care for your homes and businesses like they would their own. After all, we’re your neighbors! AdvantaClean franchises are locally-owned and proudly operated by people who take pride in a job well done the first time. Integrity matters in business and in life, and we look forward to having the chance to earn your business with our reputation for stellar service and superior results. We’ll show you why it’s not clean until it’s AdvantaClean! 

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