Have your employees been hacking, coughing, wheezing, sniffling or rubbing your eyes more than usual this fall? Maybe it’s not just seasonal allergies outside: maybe it’s your indoor air quality too. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization both warn against the significant health threat for humans when they have poor indoor air quality. So if you’ve been putting off having an indoor air quality test because you think it’s too expensive, consider the risk of continuing to breathe contaminated air inside your closed work environment. Think about the long-term effects not only to your body, but also to your bottom line. After all, lost productivity from employees missing work due to temporary and chronic conditions are going to be a lot worse than the initial cost of diagnosing and fixing the problem. So if you’re asking, “What is the cost of testing my indoor air quality?” then you’ve come to the right place.


You might be tempted to save some money and go the DIY route for testing your indoor air quality with kits that are available from a local store or online retailer. Some of these systems can find problems right away, like an indoor radon detector for example, but consider that you’ve just spent $150 or more to find out that you have a problem that’s most likely going to require an in-depth diagnosis by a professionally-trained service provider anyway. For this reason, we recommend going ahead and having a complete indoor air quality test by a trained professional. Most commercial indoor air quality tests are going to run at least a couple hundred dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the size of the workspace being tested and the types of pollutants being tested for, but that’s for a house-sized indoor space. If you have a business that’s larger than a residential space, you should expect to invest $1,000 or more for this service. Again, your initial cost will be determined by how extensive of an assessment you want to have. Are you testing for just common pollutants like mold and allergens, or do you also want to inspect for specific toxic compounds like radon and asbestos? A great online cost estimator is available from Home Advisor, so you may want to start there to get a general estimate for your budget planning purposes. You should then do some solid research into a few reputable companies in your area for the most reliable service providers. Remember that you’ll get what you pay for: the cheapest company out there may be cheapest for a reason, and the most expensive provider may not be worth the extra cost. Somewhere in the middle is the best place to look for value with results. Read lots of online reviews to make sure you’re committing your company’s funds to the right contractor to get lasting solutions to your indoor air quality problem.

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If your indoor air quality report comes back worse than you hoped, you’ll probably be bracing yourself for some additional bills to correct the problems. Whether it’s a radon mitigation system, an air duct cleaning service, or another moisture control and air quality service, you’ll need to invest in a solution that isn’t just a temporary fix. For the sake of your team’s health (and your own!) you should consider the consequences and costs of not properly correcting your indoor air quality issues. Your employees may experience increasing health problems, which can result in a loss of productivity, not to mention a decrease in their morale. You know how hard it can be to hire and retain the right people these days, so think about the statement it makes to your team that you’re investing in their well-being by correcting the indoor air quality issues that have been causing them problems while they’re at work providing for their families. The good news is that if you do good research for the right indoor air quality professional, you’ll find a solution that’s less expensive than you might be fearing.


As a business leader, you’re already swamped with at least a hundred items on your to-do list, and that’s just for routine tasks to keep your operations running smoothly day to day. When something like poor indoor air quality gets added to the list, and especially when you’re dreading the bills that are going to be involved, you need an ally in the process to make things go as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. The good news is that AdvantaClean is ready to be your partner in this process, and we think our 25-year reputation for outstanding service and superior results will speak for itself. Our indoor air quality teams are highly trained, they use the most advanced testing systems and effective technologies to identify and eliminate every threat to your employees’ health. We apply the best practices recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and other professional standards of service. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work, and we’re standing by ready to help your business get cleaner, healthier and more productive today. Remember: it’s not clean until it’s AdvantaClean!

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