You do the best you can to keep your home safe and dry, but the elements outside are always trying to find their way in, especially water. This can especially be the case if your home has a crawl space underneath. Moisture control is going to be a part of homeownership, of course, but if you’re asking yourself, “Why is there standing water in my crawlspace?” then it’s probably time to think about making some much-needed improvements to the place where you and your family live. Below we’re going to share some reasons why you might have water problems under your home and some helpful recommendations on how to make it go away.

Crawl spaces are a nice innovation for home builders who want to avoid the cost and time involved with digging and laying a permanent foundation. It can also make future repairs to the home more convenient because plumbing lines and other spots can be easier to access than if the home is built directly on a slab. Of course, along with these benefits there are also risks like giving animals and insects a great place to hang out right beneath your living space, not to mention the increased possibility of standing water that can create a host of issues.

Regardless of your home’s foundation – whether you’ve got cinder blocks for a basement, or a full crawl space, or a mix of the two – you have to keep a careful eye out for water that can easily gather in the lower level. A dirt crawl space can be especially problematic because it will soak up groundwater and it can more easily puddle up and give moldy spores a great place to start growing. But even a concrete foundation to your home, depending on the quality of the materials and the work, can crack and allow rain and groundwater to seep in. If you allow that to happen, you’re just inviting mold issues and even bigger headaches.

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You might be tempted to think, “What’s the big deal? I live upstairs.” Well, the problem is that a great deal of the air you breathe throughout the rest of the house comes from underneath your feet – and if that air has been too humid for too long, it can be saturated with all kinds of nasty particles that can have a negative impact on your health. Too much dampness can also rot away the wooden parts of your home’s structure and if you haven’t drained, sealed or dehumidified your lower level properly, then your utility bills will be higher too.

Excessive crawl space water can result from missing or improperly installed gutters and downspouts, or faulty grading of the soil around your home, any and all of which might be allowing the water to collect around your house instead of draining it away effectively. The next time it rains, grab an umbrella and walk around your house to see how well your gutters are collecting the water from your roof. There might be some spots that need patched or replaced, and if so, this should be a fairly simple repair. Also look on the ground to ensure that the water is actually moving away from your foundation once it descends the downspouts, or if it’s pooling up near the walls. If you see puddles, then depending on the location of the problem, a quick and easy fix might be to buy some downspout extensions to add a few feet and get the water out to a lower spot.

A correctly maintained crawl space will keep unwanted moisture out through a combination of a durable vapor barrier seal, the right energy-friendly dehumidifier, and a proper sump pump for your particular space. It can be daunting to undertake this kind of renovation yourself, so if you’re considering taking this important step in protecting your investment in your home and your family’s health, then you should seek out a company who has a reputation for excellent but affordable service.

Here at AdvantaClean, we take pride in our 25 years of serving American families with a wide array of moisture control services, including world-class crawl space encapsulation. If the cost has you worried, at least give us a chance to give you a free estimate and show you how a crawl space encapsulation can pay for itself over the long haul by helping you avoid costly repair bills from unchecked water damage. Peace of mind is an important aspect of homeownership, too – don’t underestimate the value in making sure that the place where you live, laugh and love is as safe and healthy as it can be. Get rid of that crawl space water now! 

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