Let's face it. A basement is a great addition to your house and your living space, but sometimes they're more hassle than they're worth, especially in the summer. Basement spaces have an annoying tendency towards moisture issues, making it a struggle to keep humidity and condensation low. If your basement is facing high humidity levels, you're probably looking for a quick fix. So, here's a summer dehumidifier guide to get you started.


No matter what part of the country you live in, or whether your home is new or old, your basement can suffer from intense moisture issues. Everything from large floods, to condensation on the walls. No matter the source or size of the problem, basement moisture is no laughing matter.

The summer months come with increased moisture in the air and increased humidity in your basement. The rooms are partially or entirely underground and forces like hydrostatic pressure work against your best efforts of prevention, bringing water into your basement. Water damage affects your possessions as well as the structural integrity of your house. Here are the summer dehumidifer largest do's and don't's

  • DON'T use heat to limit moisture. Heating your basement will increase moisture rather than decrease. Heat allows more humidity to enter the air and because hot air rises, you'll not only warm your basement but your upstairs living space as well. Heating your basement is the worst thing you can do to prevent humidity issues.
  • DO use central air conditioning to keep the basement cool. Cold air carries significantly less moisture and can help remove excess moisture if used with longer running time. Another option is combining central air conditioning with fans to keep the air cool and circulating. If the humidity is already a significant problem, try opening any doors and windows in conjunction with cold air to dry out the space.
  • DO install a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers do as the name suggest; they remove moisture from the air. Try routing the dehumidifier drain hose to a floor drain when possible; this eliminates the need to empty the dehumidifier continually.


If your basement has more advanced moisture problems, it might be time to call in a professional. Your basement can have water in it because of a clogged floor drain, bowing basement walls, cracks in the walls or foundation, or even a leaky washing machine hose. Some are easy fixes, and some require more intense work only a trained professional should provide. A basement waterproofing technician can diagnose the cause of your moisture and humidity and offer solutions like sealing foundation cracks, installing a sump pump, and installing a dehumidifier.

Your basement is a wonderful space you can use for convenient storage or additional rooms for guests, a home gym, or more exciting areas like a wine room. Before you can take advantage of these spaces, you need to correct the moisture problem. Call in a professional and rid your home of humidity.

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