What Dangers Lurk in Your Attic?

The attic is a place where ghosts and monsters like to hide in scary movies. But in real life, the attic is a place where a very real danger lives, a danger that can make your family very sick: attic mold.

Of course, mold can grow almost anywhere in your home; under the sink, under the crawl space, inside walls, and even in windowsills. For a mold problem to develop, there must be excess moisture. The attic is one place where the likelihood of mold development is very high, due to the potential for moisture issues. There are several reasons for this, which go beyond a simple leaky roof. Check out 4 potential causes of attic mold below:

1) Poor Attic Ventilation

Let's start with one of the biggest problems; poor attic ventilation. Many homeowners don't realize that one of the leading causes of attic mold is the improper installation of attic vents. Typically, vents are either not spaced properly, or the improper types of vents are used. This can create inefficient airflow that traps air inside the attic, allowing moisture to build up. To ensure adequate attic ventilation, check that all the vents are the same and are properly spaced.

2) Roof Leaks Cause Attic Mold

A roof leak is another common cause of attic mold. Deterioration of roofing material or improper installation can make it easy for the water to enter the attic and provides ideal conditions for mold growth. Only a small amount of water is needed to grow a large attic mold colony. Just a tiny leak can accumulate large amounts of moisture in the attic, if the ventilation is poor, the moisture has nowhere to escape and accumulates even faster.

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3) Exhaust Vents into the Attic

Another issue with many homes is that kitchen, bathroom and dryer exhaust vents push air directly into the attic, rather than outside. Although there may be some initial benefits to doing so, like a lower chance of birds building a nest in a vent or animals crawling inside, exhausting moist, hot air into the attic creates the perfect conditions for mold growth.

This can be an even bigger problem than a roof leak, because in addition to the vents pushing moist air into the attic, the air is also hot. If you have any exhaust vents going into the attic, it's vital to have it inspected by a mold professional and to consider your options for adjusting the vent installation.

4) Poor Insulation Can be the Cause of Attic Mold

A big issue that can lead to moisture buildup in the attic is poor insulation of ceiling fixtures or missing attic floor insulation. Insulation is vital to keeping the air inside your house from flowing into other areas of a home, like an attic, where the temperature isn't as regulated.

For example, attic mold growth during winter can occur when warm air inside the house escapes into the attic and clashes with the colder air in the attic causing the air to condense and create moisture droplets.

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