Do You Know What Types of Air Ducts You Have?

In an effort to educate homeowners on the importance of home HVAC systems and air ducts, ACHR News (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration) published an article that explains the role airflow plays in an HVAC system. "Airflow is the medium by which we transfer heat energy from the conditioned space to the conditioning equipment and vice versa. The more air is moved to and from the condition equipment, the more heat can be moved." On the other hand, inadequate airflow diminishes the HVAC system's capacity to cool; and excessive airflow increases the system's cooling capacity but lessens its ability to heat.

What does this mean to you?

A thorough air duct cleaning can yield long-term energy savings. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Bob Baker and Ross Montgomery claim that dirty coils and blowers can cut efficiency by as much as 40%, comparing air duct maintenance to changing the oil in your car: when your components are loaded up with debris, the system has to work harder but when you remove the debris, you get energy consumption savings.

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Do you know what types of air ducts are in your home?

NADCA-certified AdvantaClean experts explain that residential ductwork is typically made out of metal, fiberglass, or flexible/non-metallic materials.

"All types of air ducts can be cleaned, but that might depend upon the condition and level of contamination. The thing to keep in mind about residential ductwork is that many homes use wall and/or floor cavities to transport return air back to the air handler."

Types of Air Ducts

  • Metal

Made from galvanized steel, these types of air ducts can be rectangular or round. One duct section usually slides into another. Leaks typically occur where sections join.

  •  Fiberglass

Often used to form large-section trunk lines that feed smaller ducts, fiberglass duct board is insulated and has a smooth finish to promote good air flow.

  • Flexible/Non-Metallic Materials

These large-diameter, wire-reinforced ducts can be used in long lengths, and have enough flexibility to snake around obstacles. Flex ducts are popular in attics and in any cramped space.

Long lengths eliminate the need for many joints, but leaks can occur where flex duct joins sheet metal registers or other types of air ducts. Flex ducts can be torn, cut and crushed, so careful handling is important.

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