You Have a Bird in Vent ... Now What?

Many homeowners are familiar with the potential fire-related hazards associated with clothes dryers as pointed out by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which warns that lint build-up in the dryer or exhaust duct can block the flow of air and cause overheating, resulting in a fire. But not as many homeowners are familiar with other dryer vent dangers ... like finding a birds in a dryer vent?

How did a bird get stuck in my vent?

A dryer vent typically has three flap covers which open to allow air to escape when the dryer is on, and then close when the dryer is off. Birds are drawn to this location because of its height - dryer vents are typically some distance from the ground, far away from cats and other predators. If and when one of those flaps comes off, you shouldn't be surprised to find birds in dryer vents; and if one of those birds gets pushed or pulled into your dryer hose, you could have a less-than-pleasant odor to deal with.

How do I remove the bird in vent?

If you suspect that you have a bird in a vent, call your local Animal Control Bureau or a pest control professional for the humane removal of the birds from your vents.

How do I remove the bird's nest from my vent?

How to get birds out of vents: After the birds are removed, call a dryer vent cleaning professional to extract all the nesting materials that the birds brought into the vent to prevent any fire hazards. (If the nesting activity clogs the vent, condensation can quickly build up into mold.)

How do I prevent getting more birds in vents?

Consider installing a vent guard (like this one) over the exterior ventilation outlet to prevent birds from re-entering the vent. Your dryer vent cleaning professional should be able to install this for you.

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