Bathroom mold is one of the most common problems in any house. The problem occurs primarily because mold loves damp, dark, isolated spaces. The dampest, most isolated room in your house is likely the bathroom. To rid this nuisance, first figure out what is causing moisture/humidity to become trapped and not evaporate. Understanding the cause is the best way to start getting rid of mold growth. Next, try our tips to prevent bathroom mold.

Common Causes of Bathroom Mold

  • Lingering moisture
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Constant dark or dim light
  • Damp synthetic/fiber materials (i.e. rugs, paper products, wood, wallpaper, grout, drywall, and fabric.)

Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mold

  • Air circulation: Run your bathroom fans regularly - about 15 minutes a day should do the trick. Consider installing a bathroom fan timer. Additionally, if there is a window in your bathroom, keep it cracked as often as possible.
  • Light filtration: Light is a natural enemy of mold. If you do have a window, keep the blinds up. Install low energy light bulbs and leave them on 10-15 minutes after a hot shower or bath. You should consider installing a timer for your lights, as well.
  • Hang up your towels: Towels can never dry - they just add to the moist environment that promotes mold growth, especially piled on your floor.
    Purchase a mildew-resistant shower curtain, and wash or replace it frequently.
  • Paint Update: If mold is affecting your painted walls or ceilings, repaint your bathroom and specifically ask for a mildewcide additive before the paint is mixed. Plus, you can use this opportunity to lighten up your bathroom with a fresh color!
  • Tile and Grout: While most mold problems affecting tile and grout can be removed with a good cleaning product and thorough scrubbing, some problems become persistent, even permanent. If you find cleaning does not take care of your bathroom's mold problem, consider replacing the tile grout with a latex-fortified version.

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