While fabric softener makes your clothes smell great and feel soft, it can leave behind a sticky residue. That residue, combined with naturally occurring lint, can build up over time and clog the tiny holes in the screen of your dryer's lint filter.

Even though you may clean the dryer lint filter of obvious buildup after every load, fabric softener will adhere to the screen in a less noticeable way. The invisible residue attracts tiny particles released from clothes, ultimately decreasing air flow through the dryer, reducing the life of your appliance and increasing the time needed to dry your laundry. If you have never cleaned the fabric softener residue from your lint filter, or if it has been a while since you have, regular maintenance will help to keep your dryer running more efficiently.

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While keeping your lint screen clean is important for keeping a well-maintained dryer, so is the dryer vent ductwork. Lint and other airborne contaminants can stick to the walls of your dryer vent ducts, decreasing airflow and making the dryer work harder. The more energy it takes to run, the more money it costs to run, so it is equally important to be sure your dryer vents and the dryer system is free and clear of buildup.

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