We Can Help When Mold Is More than You Can Handle

Mold is nothing that you should attempt to remove on your own. Instead, professionals should remediate any growth of more than ten square feet. Unfortunately, mold does not take long to spread throughout your property to welcoming surfaces in moist conditions, so AdvantaClean is ready to help when this situation exceeds what you can handle.

Is Mold Growth a Concern for Your House? 

Mold remediation for Sandy Springs homes begins with an understanding that this service is necessary. While our team is always prepared to help with effective inspection services, you are your home and family's first defense. Identifying warning signs can often get you ahead of widespread and debilitating mold damage. Signs can include:

  • Spotting - The apparent sign of mold growth is the irregular spotting or widespread discoloration on surfaces like painted drywall, behind trim work, and around the edges of your carpeting. 

  • Odors - The growth and spread of mold colonies emit a strong, musty smell you might already recognize as a sign of mold. Sometimes, you can encounter this smell without the spotting, indicating growth in areas you cannot see. 

  • Moisture - Often, the persistent presence of humidity and wet conditions in sensitive areas of your house should make you suspicious of mold growth. 

How AdvantaClean Can Help Remediate

  • Containment

One of our trusted team's first steps when entering your home is keeping the mold from getting to new areas. However, we understand that not every need for remediation displaces your family, so we must provide safeguards to keep you safe, like physical containment barriers, negative air pressure, and running air scrubbers to trap airborne particulates. 

  • Removing Infested Materials

Our contractors can work on efforts like controlled demolition that have multiple immediate benefits for your house. First, removing infested structural elements reduces the concentration of active mold spores seeking new hosting materials. Discarding ruined materials provides access to other areas of the property that might also experience mold damage. Finally, removing these materials can improve air quality and reduce the strength of malodors impacting your family. 

  • Structural Drying 

As you might suspect, mold cannot grow under unsuitable conditions. So the best first line of defense in cleaning up your house after a mold discovery is to ensure that structural drying occurs. Then, with tools like air movers and dehumidifiers, our AdvantaClean team can manage humidity and wet materials to keep more of your home from becoming hosts to the spreading organisms. 

The removal and management of mold happen over several steps and stages. Depending on factors like the location of the damage and how severe the infestation has become, we use various remediation approaches. Regarding what is easiest for your family, we hope all recovery efforts are as simple as applying antimicrobial solutions to surfaces and resolving the issue. Still, set-in colonies require more aggressive measures than that. Media blasting, sanding, and other cleaning methods might also be necessary to take care of the mold in your house.

  • Safeguarding the Structure 

AdvantaClean professionals take the needed measures to protect your house and family against recurring mold threats. While some repairs directly correlate to the rebuilding of your property after remediation, others are meant to prevent the return of moisture and damp conditions that facilitate mold growth.

Working with Insurance Providers for a Faster Result 

Insurance is a significant factor in how any restoration project proceeds and remediation is no exception. Therefore, we work with adjusters and staff of your home insurance provider to meet their requirements for claim approval and to ensure that we expedite the claims process to get the cleanup started as soon as possible. 

We are trusted mold remediation professionals to help when you need cleanup, repair, and restoration services. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is ready 24/7 for mold inspections and mitigation. Call us at (404) 474-8443.

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