Cleaning Plays a Critical Water Damage Repair Role in Sandy Springs Homes

Several undesirable outcomes may follow water leakage or flooding at your home. Among these is the deterioration of surface finishes and general soiling, which develop as the water spreads within your property. General soiling is still likely even when the leak source releases clean water. Soils can be as simple as light water stains or severe if contaminants and strong odors are involved. Whatever the situation at your Sandy Springs property, proper cleanup during water damage restoration is critical. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs can help you complete such cleaning conveniently.

Why Water Can Cause Soiling in Your Sandy Springs Home

As moisture soaks or flows over materials, different things happen. If there are loose soils, such as dust, especially in hidden areas of the building, the water sweeps it along, concentrating and depositing it in visible areas. Moisture action on materials can also create new soils by degrading them. For example, the paint on surfaces such as walls or ceilings may bubble and later flake or peel off, falling on surfaces as debris. Moisture interaction causes several other forms of deterioration, thus complicating water damage restoration.

Other Degradation Forms That Soil Your Property

  • Dissolving resins and dyes in furniture

  • Microbial growth that creates mold

  • Oxidation that develops rust in metals

Your water damage restoration efforts will be more successful if you simultaneously address the physical changes and limit further deterioration caused by water exposure. Focus on removing water fast and efficiently since most steps necessary to facilitate restoration are only possible after removing the water left on surfaces or absorbed within floors, walls, ceilings, and individual items such as furniture or upholstery.

Effective Ways for Removing Water Damage

  • Extraction - using vacuum suction to collect water from surfaces or within materials

  • Pumping - pumps help lift standing water pooling on floors and other surfaces 

  • Draining - creating openings to release trapped water from the structure

The breach that leaves your property soaked may happen simply through a punctured pipe or gravity-driven groundwater inflows. However, water removal is usually challenging, especially when there are massive water quantities. Any stagnating water may spread out over vast surfaces and different rooms, consuming your precious time as you attempt to mop it out. The AdvantaClean professionals that attend to your property are better equipped for the removal since we use specialized equipment. For example, we can use portable extractors to move from room to room, removing water or deep extraction tools to squeeze out water trapped on a carpeted floor. We also change the devices accordingly depending on the situation as the water removal goes through different stages.

The Important Issues When Cleaning Wet Property Areas

Addressing stagnation and wet areas is critical for water damage restoration because it limits further deterioration. However, you must also do something about the streaks, stains, odors, or mold colonies soiling your property. Cleaning can be a less invasive solution before attempting other repair options, such as stripping off surfaces or repainting them.  

The effectiveness of restorative cleaning depends on the resources or skills available. That is why the team from AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs can improve your outcomes since we readily access specialized resources. For example, while using standard cleaning products sold commercially, you might need to realize their average pH of 6-10 impedes your efforts to remove stubborn soils. We can apply chemical agents with higher pHs of up to 13.5 for specific areas and standard products for general cleaning, removing stubborn dirt and stains.

You will know your water damage restoration efforts are successful if you also address invisible issues that characterize properties damaged by water. Unpleasant odors and microbes are two typical examples of hidden yet challenging problems from water intrusion. You can incorporate steps to address these issues while cleaning the soiled areas. For example, our professionals mix water-based deodorizers in the cleaning solutions and apply biocides on the underside of carpets after cleaning to prevent mold development. 

With the help, AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs, GA, offers, you can complete water damage restoration conveniently. Call (404) 474-8443 or visit our office for tailored solutions.

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