In Sandy Springs, water damage can transform a safe home into a problem area, especially when caused by a leaking shower pan. This type of water loss affects the immediate area and can lead to long-term structural issues. Understanding this damage's types and warning signs is essential for timely intervention and repair. 

Understanding How a Shower Pan Leak Occurs 

A correctly fitted shower base should remain stationary and not shift in any direction. However, if it is not securely attached with bolts, sealants, and caulking, it may shift and develop cracks. This movement can lead to water leakage through the floor below, potentially damaging the room underneath. 

Typical Damage Seen From Leaking Shower Pans 

A leaking shower pan can cause several types of water damage in a home. Initially, the damage might seem minor, affecting only the bathroom's tiles and grout. However, if unchecked, the water can seep into lower floors, damaging floor joists, ceilings, and walls, leading to costly repairs. Also, prolonged moisture exposure can weaken structural beams and flooring, putting the home at risk of more extensive repairs. Additionally, drywall and insulation can deteriorate. Once these become wet, they lose effectiveness and may require replacement to prevent further issues like energy loss or additional water intrusion. 

Mold and mildew are another significant concern associated with this type of leak. Warm, moist environments are perfect for their growth, and a leaking shower can quickly become a breeding ground for fast-spreading colonies.  

Early Warning Signs of a Leaking Shower Pan 

The warning signs of this type of water loss include:

  • Visible water stains on ceilings below bathrooms.

  • A musty smell of mold or mildew.

  • Loose tiles or crumbling grout in the shower area.

Homeowners might also notice unexplained increases in their water bills, a clear sign of a hidden leak when usage has not increased. 

First Steps When a Leak is Suspected 

At the first sign, contact AdvantaClean experts to address water stains on walls and areas where the tile has loosened, or the flooring has warped. Our team of professionals uses advanced imaging equipment to pinpoint exactly where the problem areas are under or around the shower pan. Getting water damage restoration services before the problem spreads can minimize the repairs needed. 

Connect with AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs at (404) 474-8443 for expedited assistance with water damage from a leaking shower pan. Our crew of experienced professionals can restore all affected areas of your home to a pre-damaged condition.

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