Professional Water Damage Cleanup Can Save Carpeting

Water damage frequently impacts flooring and can be particularly damaging to carpets. Moisture exposure causes fibers to swell, can degrade their integrity, and damage the pad underneath. Excess moisture can also create water spots and stains, degrade adhesives and dyes, potentially create odors, and foster an environment that invites microbial growth. Certified water damage restoration technicians can provide Dunwoody properties with rapid-response flooring cleanup.

How Water Damage Affects Carpet Fibers and Structure

When a carpet is affected by water damage, the effects can include saturation of individual fibers, which can make the overall structure of the carpeting much more fragile on top of potentially warping it, which can affect the way it sits on the floor. Wool fibers are particularly prone to matting and flattening on exposure to water, but synthetic fibers can also degrade considerably after water exposure. High-pile carpeting can flatten significantly after exposure to water damage, and the overall surface may lose its texture and bounce. Dyes used on carpeting can also be affected, causing colors to bleed to lose saturation. 

Other considerations for carpet-related water damage include:

  • Breakdown of adhesives holding carpeting to the subfloor

  • Delamination of carpeting layers, especially between the primary and secondary backings

  • Damage to carpet padding, affecting its cushioning by flattening it

  • Moisture seepage into the subfloor

Carpeting Can Be Restored After Water Damage

Carpet water damage can often be remediated so that minimal replacement is necessary. While some items, like adhesives or padding, may require replacement before the carpet can be re-seamed, This moisture exposure can be remediated with the help of Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-accredited professionals like those found at AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs.

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs’s Water Damage Restoration Services for Carpeting

The water cleanup process for carpets affected by clean water damage, like a pipe leak, focuses primarily on extraction. Solutions may be tailored to the type of fibers present, though carpet is most commonly made of synthetic material. Several passes of moisture extraction can accelerate drying considerably, as this step removes approximately 90% of the water present in the carpet. Drying carpeting may entail pulling the corners up to tent it so that air movers and dehumidifiers can dry both above and below the fibers and ensure the subfloor is dry. Steam cleaning can thoroughly sanitize fibers, while shampooing can further clean them and remediate odors.

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