Finding and Resolving Hidden Water Damage

Knowing where to look in your kitchen can uncover many potential Dunwoody water damage mysteries. Hot and cold supply lines and waste pipes snake through walls and along floor joists. Secondary lines under the sink reach out to ice makers, water dispensers, dishwashers, and sometimes laundry equipment under and behind built-in cabinets. All pipes can develop leaks at connections, and tiny cracks in plastic hoses and conduits are common. Freezers and refrigerators add twists to the plot, with condenser cooling coils dripping into clogged drains and overflowing catch basins under the appliances. 

These leaks and spills are not just inconveniences. Prompt repair of plumbing issues followed by clean up of the water damage by the professionals at AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs ensures that your property is safe, sanitary, and returned to function and appearance without significant disruption or the expense of replacements and rebuilding. 

What Are the Consequences of Ignoring Water Damage?

Because design features conceal plumbing in modern kitchens, water damage in Dunwoody can happen now, and you would not necessarily know it. Although you might be tempted in your busy life to hold to the cliche “out of sight, out of mind,” unresolved standing water and absorbed moisture are devastating to building materials, whether visible or hidden. The list of adverse consequences is varied and long, but some of the most concerning are:

  • Higher water bills and unusual wear and tear on appliances 

  • Weakening of structural components, including load-bearing features such as floor joists, wall studs, and subflooring

  • Delamination (peeling apart) of engineered wood products and carpeting that lie under and behind cabinets and appliances

  • Deterioration of insulation which loses its ability to moderate temperature when wet

  • Crumbling of plaster and lath or drywall

  • Risk of the sudden collapse of walls and ceilings if significant quantities of water become trapped behind or above them

  • Warping of hardwood flooring and displacement of ceramic tiles if the wooden sub-components become saturated and swell

  • Mold growth and damage

What Are Early Signs of Kitchen Water Leaks?

Some of the consequences mentioned above are the most common red flags for property owners if caught in their earliest stages. For example, an uptick in water bills or the musty smell of growing mold colonies is a clear warning that can get owners focused on mitigating and remediating the moisture damage before it progresses. Other hints include:

  • The sound of running or dripping water (often heard at night or other quiet times)

  • Squeaky or “bouncy” floors and strips of hardwood pulling away or wedging into each other (“wavy” look or feel)

  • Persistent puddling near cabinet kick plates --water collects under the cabinet, slightly raised floors, and seeps underneath

  • “Spills” in front of refrigerators or freezers that are from overflowing drain pans

  • Walls and ceilings reveal water damage through:

  • Blistering paint and peeling wallpapers

  • Staining, bulging, and “sweating,” where the trapped water slowly pushes through the surface

The skilled AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs workforce uses training mastered from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to locate, extract, and dry water damage in Dunwoody properties. Sensitive instruments detect and measure water and moisture levels, even in recesses and building cavities. We expose hidden areas by pulling off baseboards and kick plates, sometimes drilling drainage or weep holes. Extraction strategies remove the bulk of liquid water before air movers and dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels to the normal range. We help arrange for plumbing and compression coil cleaning and drainage repairs.

Call AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs at 404-474-8443 for detection assistance when you suspect your kitchen is the hideout for potentially destructive water damage. We work with you to find and resolve the problems.

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