Swift Mitigation and Restoration Services

Ensuring you stay dry is one of the main functions of your Sandy Springs home. However, there are times when unwanted water gets into your living space and creates a series of challenges. Proper mitigation and restoration are vital for controlling and handling the damage from flooding, pipe leaks, or spills. Each method goes hand in hand, so when time is of the essence, AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is your number-one choice for all your mitigation and restoration needs. 

The Difference Between Restoration vs. Mitigation

While water mitigation and water restoration sound the same and often get used interchangeably, they are unique processes that coincide—they work together but in succession. 

  • Mitigation efforts take place before restoration. The water mitigation stabilizes your home, ensuring no further damage develops. This step happens shortly after the water-related incident as a temporary stop-gap measure.

  • Restoration happens after mitigation and helps return homes to pre-damage condition. This step is where damaged items get restored, materials get repaired, and features permanent solutions.

Kinds of Mitigation and Restoration Efforts

If you have issues with exterior water, it usually comes from groundwater flooding, a rising water table, or leaking gutters. Interior problems generally stem from a faulty appliance, an overflowing tub, a backed-up toilet, spills, or burst pipes. Three levels of water damage impact the restoration costs and mitigation efforts that our AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs team uses. They include:

  • Clean Water – This is usually clean, potable water from supply lines.

  • Gray Water – This is murky, used water from washing machines, dishwashers, tubs, or sump pumps.

  • Black Water – This is contaminated water from sewage lines or toilets.

The Steps Involved in Water Mitigation 

When you call AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs for water damage cleanup, we arrive fast to begin assessments and mitigation efforts. We locate and stop the immediate water flow, select the best measures for remediation, and start extracting water and initiating drying efforts. We will:

  • Inspect for structural stability

  • Remove any water-damaged carpeting and furnishings

  • Assess the type and level of water damage

  • Disinfect and sanitize remaining materials

  • Extract water using commercial-grade vacuums and pumps

  • Dry your interior using large fans and dehumidifiers

  • Use moisture detection devices to ensure no moisture pockets get left behind

The cost of your water mitigation and restoration depends on specific factors, including the size of your home and the extent of water damage. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs will continuously review our findings with you and explain each step of the process. We are the top providers in the area for all your water damage mitigation, remediation, and restoration needs.

Call AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs at (404) 474-8443 to initiate water mitigation and cleanup services for your Sandy Springs property. We will arrive within hours to begin the assessment and plan to return your home to pre-damage condition.

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