Mold Inspection Reveals Remediation Requirements

If you detect musty odors or notice telltale staining and feathery or leathery-looking growth on surfaces in your property, reach out to a reliable Dunwoody mold inspection and remediation company. When AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs assesses your property, you can count on us to find the mold growth threatening your home or commercial building's structural integrity. We also have extensive experience in the remediation services needed to restore your property to comfort and function by removing current colonies and working with you to inhibit future mold growth and damage. 

What Sets AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs Apart?

To ensure we offer our residential and commercial customers the best Dunwoody mold inspection and remediation, our crew's complete training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to attain certification as Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT). Our team also relies on the basic and advanced resources offered by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI). The fundamental takeaway from mold remediation training and research-based best practices is that water availability is essential to fungal growth. Once a spore's life cycle begins after water absorption, it generates thousands of additional spores and, eventually, organisms, creating a colony. The mold attaches to common organically-based building materials like wood, drywall, and more items made of cellulose, consuming and breaking down the structures. Mold permitted to spread over time can and will destroy buildings. Contents, including clothing, furnishings, and papers, also provide mold "nurseries" and food for proliferating fungi. Moisture management is the key to sustained recovery from all types of mold infestation. 

How Do Our Teams Use Mold Inspection Tactics? 

Armed with a scientific understanding of the connection between moisture and mold germination and growth, AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs swiftly evaluates your situation, moving throughout your property and inspecting for evidence of current mold damage. An appropriate assessment also looks for signs of conditions that could contribute to the chance of mold growth occurring on other surfaces or recurring in places where a previous problem left a trace. Expect our team to focus on:

  • Visible mold colonies

  • Soft, spongy, and crumbling organic building materials indicating trapped moisture in building cavities or excessive humidity (common in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas)

  • Wet fabrics, furniture, and papers

  • Leaky pipes and loose plumbing connections

  • Pooling of moisture under equipment like AC units, laundry machines, freezers, and refrigerators

  • Evidence of water seepage through foundations, roofing, windows, and doors

What Follows Mold Inspection?

Once our technicians locate moisture issues and active mold infestation at your property, we help you respond to each problem. You must address moisture problems immediately, as a new mold outbreak takes only 24 to 48 hours to gain traction. You would not want a microbial rebound before our AMRTs complete the original mold removal project. Once we help you arrange for the elimination of moisture vulnerabilities, our personal protective equipment (PPE)-clad remediation crews proceed as follows: 

  • Containing moldy surfaces, residues, and debris with heavy-duty polyethylene barriers and negative pressure air scrubbing systems

  • Mechanically removing mold colonies with scrapers, brushes, and controlled media blasting

  • Double bagging of mold organisms, mold-infested building materials and contents, and residues for lawful disposal as hazardous waste off-site

  • Vacuuming of loose residues with HEPA-filtered equipment plus wipe-downs of affected surfaces with EPA-registered cleaners

  • Treating the structures, fixtures, and contents previously infested with fungi with EPA-registered antimicrobial products to inhibit future mold growth and damage

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs offers proactive professional mold inspection services to identify fungal damage to building materials early enough to stabilize and restore structures through research-based interventions. If you suspect mold growth in Dunwoody, call us at (404) 474-8443 to discuss mold inspection and remediation options. 

Mold colonies invading homes and businesses worry property owners for various reasons. Chief among concerns is the potential for rapidly multiplying fungal organisms to destroy the dozens of structures, fixtures, and contents developing molds consume for nourishment. Prevent the spread of mold and the risk of severe home or commercial building destruction through mold inspection and effective remediation services offered by AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs.

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