Services Quality Fire Remediation Companies Offer

A household fire is an unexpected disaster, forcing homeowners to pivot quickly to halt ongoing damage while swiftly arranging for everything from effective cleanup to odor elimination, repairs, and rebuilding. Minutes count, as fire residues are corrosive, immediately damaging building materials of all types. Engaging one fire damage company that promptly provides the entire range of services required for restoration from a fire's aftermath helps streamline that recovery. 

Compare On-Site Services Offered by Fire Restoration Firms

Tick off the following checklist when narrowing your choice among Sandy Springs fire remediation companies. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs offers the personnel and services plus meets or exceeds the features or standards listed below. Consider training and certification requirements and the availability of scalable inventories of commercial-grade equipment needed for crucial tasks as you clarify which of the firms you compare possess the proficiencies required:

  • 24/7 response of well-equipped and skilled technicians, 365 days a year 

  • Training and certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), preparing workers to meet or exceed the international industry best practices in multiple water damage and fire damage restoration specialties 

  • Professional project managers with demonstrable experience in hazard evaluation and design of safety interventions arriving first to scope out the scene and then direct  preparation of the work areas for fire mitigation and remediation--  

  • Immediate access to materials and certified crews capable of stabilizing and securing damaged structures in accordance with the project manager's recommendations 

  • Equipment and trained operators to remove contaminated firefighting water, followed by moisture detection, metering, and well-planned applied structural drying

  • Expert technicians who inspect and categorize fire residues--dry soot, wet soot, or protein-based soot--found throughout the affected spaces, matching residues to the most efficient proprietary cleaning products, tools, and cleaning protocols for successful removal

  • Hands-on workers skilled in using the selected products and methods to strip fired residues without additional damage to underlying surfaces

  • Reliable and experienced technicians to remove charring, continuously determining whether remaining non-burned building materials beneath the burned surface have the necessary tensile strength to provide essential structural support

  • Deodorization specialists armed with state-of-the-art technologies in odor neutralization, including thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, enzyme treatments, and more

Pack-Out and Contents Fire Remediation 

Full-service fire remediation companies like AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs provide pack-out and production facility contents evaluation, cleaning, deodorization, and restoration services. This process temporarily removes furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions from the fire-damaged area. Pack-out makes on-site structural fire damage mitigation and remediation easier. Specialized equipment and methods performed at our production facility clean and restore the contents. These facilities use immersion, sound waves (ultrasonic), industrial laundry, and dry cleaning approaches, critical when managing and reversing fire damage to non-structural or fixed articles or materials. We store contents securely after processing until they are returned to your home once fire remediation at the property completes. 

Partnering with AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs ensures your home and its contents receive all the crucial recovery services needed to return life to normal after a blaze from IICRC-certified technicians. Call our team at (404) 474-8443 and relax knowing you chose the highest quality among fire remediation companies in northern Fulton County, Georgia.

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