Smoke Odor Removal Can Be Challenging

Commonsense would seem to dictate that ventilation aided by open windows and fans efficiently completes smoke odor removal in Dunwoody. Although air movement helps as an immediate intervention, the problem of persistently smoky smells goes deeper than you might realize as the microscopic particles of incompletely combusted fuels sift from the air into cracks, crevices, and porous structures and contents. Ridding your property of malodors after a fire requires eradicating as much of the burned debris and residues as possible, plus using evolving technological advances to attack and deodorize even the tiny bits that unfortunately remain burrowed despite valiant efforts. AdvantaClean has the trained crews and up-to-date equipment needed to render your property free of unpleasant odors.

AdvantaClean Near Dunwoody Performs Smoke Odor Removal

Following a standardized protocol ensures that no odiferous particle is left unturned during AdvantaClean’s smoke odor removal in Dunwoody. We combine good old-fashioned deep cleaning with deodorization products and modern chemical interventions to reach air quality results that offer no hint that your property experienced a recent fire. The following are steps taken in most cases with excellent results. Expect that the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians on AdvantaClean crews might repeat some strategies to achieve the desired outcome:

Ventilation as active fire damage mitigation and remediation proceeds

Construction of workspaces contained with polyethylene barriers and negative pressure air scrubbers (sending the contained atmosphere through HEPA filters to exhaust outside)

Donning of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the safety of crews and limiting tracking of fire debris and its odor into unaffected areas of your property

Rigorous removal of charred debris and vacuuming of dry soot with HEPA filter-equipped tools, focusing on areas where particles could collect

Spray and wipe cleaning techniques for wet soot using EPA-registered products after matching residues (water-based for water-based soiling and oil-based for oily soiling) and appropriate adjustments of temperature and dwell time

Application of solvents when the smoke odors are protein-based, adding abrasives to the cleaning product, or using rough surfaced tools to agitate the smelly coatings for easier emulsification and removal 

Consideration of products and methods that change the pH of noxious residues, digest the soiling (enzymes), or change the chemical composition of foul-smelling residues to neutralize the smells

Examples of Smoke and Soot Removal Strategies

Oxidation methods like ozone machines can alter chemical bonds to eliminate bad smells. Hydroxyl generators use free radicals to bind with odor molecules to eliminate the malodor. Thermal fogging recreates the conditions during the fire, combusting deodorizers into tiny particles that pair with the odor-bearing molecules of soot to neutralize the smell.

Is Masking Smoke Odors Effective?

Many consumer products claim to remove smoke odor in Dunwoody by covering up a nasty smell with a pleasant one or distracting with strong perfumes like mint, citrus, and spices. Masking agents can help with minor smoke odors when used by professionals in various applications (granules, sprays, blocks). Combined with the chemical actions and thorough deep cleaning, masking has a role in lessening the noticeability of fire damage stench.

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs offers a wide range of options for smoke odor removal in Dunwoody properties. Call us at (404) 474-8443 to schedule an evaluation and develop a practical and effective plan.  

The problem of lingering stenches responds well when AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs uses all available professional resources for smoke odor removal in Dunwoody. Eliminating or chemically modifying the debris and particulates paired with adequate ventilation helps achieve smoke odor removal in Dunwoody, resulting in fresh and clean air quality within your property after fire damage.

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