AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs

When choosing among local cleaning and restoration companies, why use AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs? The cleaning and restoration industry relies on the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to set international standards in a broad range of disciplines. The IICRC also provides basic to advanced to master designation educational courses, and AdvantaClean takes full advantage of these resources. Regardless of what services you seek, know that our team members worked hard to obtain the most respected certifications available in our niche to serve you well.

Water Damage Related Services Provided to the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody Areas

● Air Duct Cleaning

● Basement Flooding

● Black Mold Removal

● Crawl Space Encapsulation

● Fire Damage Restoration

● Mold Inspections

● Storm Damage Restoration

● Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration

AdvantaClean's Vision for the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody Communities

We know that the families and businesses down the street and in our neighborhood are busy, sometimes stressed with the load of responsibilities they find on their plates. Although we cannot shield our customers from bad luck or natural disaster, we pledge to be there when emergencies occur. We strive to offer an oasis of calm to our customers when life throws one curveball after another:

Need a thorough home or office cleaning after viral exposure?

Our technicians return your environments to a clean and safe condition using approved sanitation protocols.

Woke up to a clogged sewer line?

We have technician crews certified to clean up contaminated water and solid debris, disinfect affected surfaces, and dry out wet building materials.

HVAC system or dryer vents blocked?

Our certified and licensed duct cleaning services might be just the ticket to a free clean airflow.

Suffering from the aftermath of a kitchen fire?

Experienced and trained crews remove stubborn soot residues, restoring surfaces and appliances to their former condition.

Notice a musty smell in the laundry room?

Certified mold remediation crews locate and remediate microbial infestations and offer moisture management advice to avoid a repeat fungal visit.

Are you sorting through the debris after a "100-year" storm?

We have a robust response to help you recover, including pack-out and inventory of personal items, commercial-grade water removal, and drying equipment and operators, and help with documentation to help ensure approval of your insurance claims.

Use AdvantaClean Rather than Doing It Yourself

Life's minor problems can respond well to a bucket and mop with a dash of elbow grease. But a ruptured water heater, overland flooding, or chimney fire create far more chaos than a minor spill or muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. The corrosive power of even clean water can destroy the load-bearing ability of structural components when hundreds of gallons spill across and percolate deeply into the substrate of your precious hardwood floors. Smoke and soot spread widely on superheated air currents, resulting in persistent odors and wall staining far from the ignition site. The "task asks" when responding to widespread water, fire, or mold issues are impossible for a home or business owner to meet. This is why using AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs makes sense:

Our team completed research-based IICRC training and strategies that guide the assessment of the full extent of a household or business disaster

We stock products designed to break the bond between soils and surfaces without damage and send a technician proficient in the best approach to accomplish the cleaning

We own high-efficiency or innovative equipment that shortens the time needed for water removal or odor elimination significantly, preventing irreparable damage (hours instead of weeks)

We dispatch friendly and capable workers who are enthusiastic about helping you obtain the results you desire and deserve, allowing you to concentrate on family, friends, work, or other interests

Commitment to customer and community is why to use AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs for cleaning, maintenance, or emergency disaster recovery services. Establish a relationship with our team, starting with one call to (404) 474-8443.

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