Need Help After Flood Damage in Sandy Springs?

High winds and torrential precipitation take a significant toll, whether linked to a hurricane or tropical storm system coming up from the Gulf or Atlantic coast or a series of wind and thunderstorms sweeping across the Southeast. After a Sandy Springs storm, flood damage can cause substantial harm to your home or business. The damage your property experienced is likely to feel overwhelming and be beyond your ability to resolve without professional assistance. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs prepares for disastrous circumstances, ready with trained and experienced technicians and a vast inventory of tools, products, and equipment designed for a rapid and effective response.

What Does AdvantaClean Assess First After Storm Damage?

Flood damage in Sandy Springs involves much more than water in the lower levels of your home or business. The fierce winds and pounding rains can rip off roofs, bend siding, and smash windows and doors. Between the physical battering and the onslaught of top-down and overland water damage, AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs knows we must evaluate the safety hazards present for both occupants and our crews before securing the building and planning for mitigation and remediation. Our crew chief checks and plans for:

Slip, trip, and fall risks

Electrical and other utility line vulnerabilities, shutting off provision at the main switch at least temporarily

Structural hazards, including weakened or destroyed building materials

Quantities of water trapped between walls or over ceilings that threaten collapse and injury

Contaminated water, including the presence of sewage and household chemicals

Uncontained biohazards such as asbestos, mold, lead, and others

Once we identify the hazards, AdvantaClean puts safety controls in place. This allows us to proceed with the necessary interventions to restore your flooded premises.  We might recommend evacuation until we can stabilize the situation and will help provide documentation for your insurance company. Tarping and boarding up of your home proceeds to guard against the elements.

What Emergency Services Does AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs Provide?

Feel confident in our storm flood damage training and experience. Our technicians complete rigorous coursework from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The certification earned and our investment in an extensive inventory of leading-edge water damage equipment support our crews as we adhere to the restoration industry best practices for:

Water pumping with submersible units, some able to manage highly contaminated water (trash pumps)

Water extraction, using both truck mount and portable units -- onboard electrical generators avoiding an extraction delay because of power disruption

Contaminated water containment and transport to locally mandated disposal sites

Water migration tracing, ensuring that we locate and extract trapped fluids

Use of controlled demolition to release water and open up wet areas for drying

Weep holes punched in ceilings and drywall bulges, slowly allowing water to drain without collapse

Sawn or drilled holes in baseboards and masonry mortar joints to drain water from between or behind walls

Flood cuts several inches above the flood line between wall studs to remove damaged wallboard and improved airflow for efficient drying

Surface cleaning using EPA-registered products

Moisture detection and metering so our technicians can establish drying goals for flood-damaged building materials

Applied structural drying interventions using low-profile air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers

Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit the potential for mold growth

Throughout your home or business’s AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs flood damage restoration project, AdvanaClean observes personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols to limit the spread of contaminated flood waters into the rest of your home. We also employ advanced technologies like air scrubbing and negative pressure suction systems to reduce airborne contamination and pull moisture from behind structures and through several flooring layers with minimal intrusion.

Our crews are always ready at AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs for flood damage interventions. We are committed to caring for our community, especially when the need is greatest. After the storm, call (404) 474-8443 24/7 for an assessment.

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