Sandy Springs Crawl Space Encapsulation Strategies

If your home or business features a crawl space instead of a basement or other type of foundation, encapsulation by Sandy Springs contractors experienced in the process might understandably be on your list of projects to complete. Why do property owners consider retrofitting the open area under their home or commercial building? Among the reasons frequently cited are the following:

The bare earth can harbor animals, reptiles, and insects.

Heavy rains complicated by poor drainage cause standing water to pool immediately under your floors, threatening to wick up into the substrate and framing of the building.

Damp earth conditions without a barrier cause water vapor to move through the flooring into the overhanging structure and living spaces.

Rising interior humidity levels due to this vapor transfer increase the load on your HVAC system, using more fuel to heat and cool your property while decreasing the expected lifespan of your heaters and air conditioning units.

Unpleasant odors also pass into your living and working areas.

Plumbing and other utility lines between your floor and the earth can leak and emit potentially hazardous liquid substances and gasses into your property. 

Choose AdvantaClean For Crawl Space Sealing

Our managers and crews master the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) basic and advanced training and bring to your property a firm understanding of the damage inflicted on structural components by wet and humid conditions. We have extensive experience in all aspects of foundation buffer area encapsulation in Sandy Springs, including:

Reviewing the plumbing and utility systems installed in the buffer area under your property and planning the project so they continue to operate appropriately

Obtaining assistance to eliminate issues from other licensed contractors if back-drafting of appliances or systems is a concern

Removing accumulated excess dirt, muck, and debris to prepare the earthen surface for the materials used to contain the area

Collaborating with you to haul out any items stored in the crawl space, recommending you find an alternative place to secure them

Removing standing water and completing structural drying before encapsulating the crawl space

Arranging for a properly working sump pump system

Addressing any mold growth and damage through EPA mold remediation protocols before starting the wrapping process

Covering the exposed earth floor and sides up to the overhead structure with the designated liner (vapor barrier) of at least 12 millimeters

Wrapping and taping of pipes, air handlers, piers, and other fixtures during encasement of the HVAC and other systems sharing the crawl space

Ensuring the seal on every outdoor opening, gap, seam, or crack is tight using best practices and appropriate supplies, including spray foams, foam boards, and adhesives rated for encapsulating such an area

Does Installing the Vapor Barriers Work?

Adequate ventilation and dehumidification equipment are still crucial after the area is sealed off. AdvantaClean advises customers to establish and maintain appropriate humidity levels in the contained space and to monitor the relative humidity in the living and working areas above as well. Have confidence that we will work with you to ensure the process results in a secured buffer and dry structures above, with good fresh airflow. 

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs provides crawl space encapsulation through our trained and experienced team of technicians using the latest tools and equipment for the best results. Check out what we can offer with a call to (404) 474-8443.

Encapsulation in Sandy Springs can seem daunting, but AdvantaClean commits to answering all your questions and responding to your concerns. Enhance and improve the buffer your original building's construction created by working with our skilled and efficient workforce.

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