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Action is vital whenever you have storm damage that impacts your Dunwoody home. One thing some homeowners may mistakenly do is wait for their insurance adjuster to arrive before contacting professionals for water mitigation and moisture control. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs wants you to know that we are available 24/7, offering prompt, efficient water damage cleanup to help you alleviate any storm damage your home experiences. 

You still need to contact your insurance company when you have storm damage to your Dunwoody property. If you have flooding, you must inquire if you have flood coverage or the ability to cover your repair and restoration. Once you file our claim, the process is set in motion for an adjuster to come and estimate all damages. However, you must call a trusted water damage company like AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs to begin water damage cleanup before materials degrade or mold develops. 

Issues That Arise After Storm Damage

Many unwanted consequences can develop if you wait too long to begin water damage restoration after the fallout from a recent storm. Depending on the weather event, the damage could include:

  • Mold growth from standing water and excess moisture levels

  • Various contaminants like chemicals and bacteria

  • Structural damage impacting integrity and safety

  • Swelling of drywall, furniture, and other porous materials

  • Odor development

We suggest calling our 24/7 customer care team to start water damage remediation immediately. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs knows all the best steps to help minimize damage and prevent future issues from developing.

Rain Damage, Wind, and Flooding

Storms are often unpredictable, so it is best to understand how to react to a significant weather event that impacts your Dunwoody property. Some issues that may arise depending on the type of storm include flooded basements or rising water in crawl spaces, roof damage from excessive wind or flying debris, and water coming into your first floor due to waters rising from torrential rains or creeks, lakes, and ponds overflowing. 

Our skilled disaster-response technicians arrive fast and begin assessing all safety concerns and the type of water present.

  • For flooding situations where contamination is an issue, we treat all standing water with anti-microbials before beginning extractions.

  • If your property has suffered from roof damage or broken windows, we will implement board-up and tarping to protect your interior from the elements while restoration occurs.

  • Immediate extraction and debris removal begin to facilitate water mitigation to keep the loss and costs at a minimum. 

  • Drying efforts using industrial-grade fans and dehumidifiers allow our technicians to achieve our drying goals by reducing relative humidity (RH).

We Help Document Costs and Losses for Insurance Purposes

If you get the ball rolling for water damage cleanup before your insurance adjuster arrives, we want you to know you can still increase your chances of reimbursement. This includes taking pictures or videos of all damaged areas of the home, personal items, and other contents. We suggest keeping any receipts related to your restoration and the estimate given by our restoration professionals. At AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs, we also work closely with your insurance provider to ensure all paperwork is completed, so your claim goes as smoothly as possible. 

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs, located at 6577 Long Acres Dr. NW, is your local water damage restoration team. You can count on us for emergency response and trusted storm damage assistance. Call us at (404) 474-8443 to dispatch our fleet to your door for assessment and cleanup services. 

The faster you act to begin water damage cleanup after a Dunwoody storm, the better. Contact AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs to set your restoration in motion. We are the number one company in your area for a healthy home or business, so trust the AdvantaClean advantage.

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