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Case Studies

Prevent Pipes from Freezing
How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing in winter.
Location: Tri-State
AdvantaClean shows to keep your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Mold Remediation and Flooding
Basement flooding cleanup project.
Location: City, State
Problem: AdvantaClean was called to perform a free inspection. A water damage problem was experienced on the basement. Microbial growth started to develop on the ceiling and walls. An independent Mold Assessment company performed an inspection and collected samples, analyzed lab results, and developed a detailed scope of work. Solution: Our crew began with the work, following the scope of work provided by the mold assessment company, we began building plastic containment to isolate affected areas from the rest of the house. We HEPA Vacuum interior of walls and ceiling and wiped down with an anti-microbial solution all cavities. Our crew also encapsulated all remaining materials with an anti-microbial paint to protect remaining material from advanced microbial growth.

Save the Wine
Mold Remediation
Location: City, State
Faulty air conditioning unit and ground water leak from a neighbors lot resulted in gross contamination of this clients wine cellar. We were able to remediate the mold and save the WINE!

Leaky Pipes Can Cause Mold

Location: Raytown, MO 64113

Problem: Leaks in the pipes in the ceiling caused a good amount of mold growth, luckily for the homeowner in a concentrated area.

Solution: We had to build containment, remove ceiling, treat and remove everything per IIRC standards.

Mold on ceiling due to leaky pipes

Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Raytown, MO 64133

Problem: Air ducts were nasty and needed to be cleaned.

Solution: We went in and cleaned all the air ducts, returns, and trunk lines.

Air duct cleaning before and after

Moldy Closet Remediation

Location: Overland Park, KS 66207

Problem: The customer was preparing to list his home for sale when he discovered a mold issue in the master bedroom walk in closet.

Solution: We were able to schedule the customer for remediation within a couple of days. Once the moldy dry wall and other structural materials had been properly removed, the area would need to be repaired. AdvantaClean was able to assist the customer with finding a rebuild company by suggesting a couple of trusted companies! With the closet mold issue resolved, the customer was able to list his home quickly!

Moldy Closet cleaning before and after

Missing Roof Causes Major Water Damage

Location: Overland Park, KS 66207

Problem: Customer was in the process of having their roof replaced. The roofing crew had tacked a tarp over the exposed roof, however the tarp was no match for the thunder storm that came through over night.

Solution: The customer's entire house had been saturated by the rain and they needed help quickly. AdvantaClean responded to the emergency within the hour and got started setting up drying equipment and extracting water. The elderly home owner's had lived there for over 50 years! While they had the help of their daughter to pack up 50 years worth of living, they were overwhelmed by the daunting task. The AdvantaClean crew worked diligently around the clock, even on the holiday, to help dry out, clean, and pack up all salvageable belongings.

The home required that asbestos testing be performed due to it's age. AdvantaClean was able to assist the customer in obtaining this service with a trusted 3rd party testing company. The results came back positive in some areas, and another 3rd party abatement company was brought in to perform the appropriate removal of the asbestos containing materials.

Once the abatement crew completed the removal, AdvantaClean was able to come back and finish the water damage mitigation.
The customer commented that they could not believe the above and beyond service they had received! From helping with salvaging and packing their belongings, to obtaining temporary living arrangements!

Packed belongings Cleaning up water damage on stairs

Contained Mold

Location: Fairway, KS 66205

Problem: Customer with mold in closet and attic.

Solution: The AdvantaClean crew arrived onsite and began constructing containment to enclose the work area and protect the rest of the home. The home owner was getting ready to place her home on the market, and needed a quick remediation of the attic and closet area where an AC unit had leaked and caused mold. Once containment was secured, the crew removed all affected materials, and cleaned all surface areas with an anti-microbial. A negative air machine was used to cleanse the air in the work space.

Once completed, the containment was removed and house was now free of mold!

Before and after cleaning mold in closet

Water Line Caues Flooding

Location: Olathe, KS 64081

Problem: Customer found their basement flooded after a water line had disconnected and called AdvantaClean for emergent help!

Solution: The crew arrived onsite within the hour and quickly got to work extracting the water.

The flood had extended throughout the entire basement, soaking many of the contents stored there. Equipment was placed throughout the area to remove as much moisture as possible and dry out quickly.

Over the next few days, the crew continued to clean, treat, and monitor the moisture levels in all structures of the basement, as well as it's contents.

The customer was impressed with the quick response time and diligent effort by the AdvantaClean crew to save not only the basement, but their belongings stored there as well!

Basement cleaning before and after

Customer's Experience With AdvantClean

Location: Prairie Village, KS 64102

Problem: Customer contacted AdvantaClean regarding his living room ceiling with visible mold.

Solution: Response from customer to AdvantaClean of Kansas City owner:

Your AdvantaClean crew just left and they did a fantastic job!!! I was very pleased that they didn't need to remove part of my wall, but just the moldy part of the ceiling and bad insulation .

They were extremely professional and proficient and we had a nice conversation as well.
Please let them know what good work they did for me and how much I appreciated them .
I'm attaching a few photographs that I hope you will share with them. They are both terrific!

Ceiling repair

Broken Pipe Causes Flooding

Location: Overland Park, KS 64111

Problem: Customer called in on a Saturday needing emergent help resolving flooding of her laundry room in the basement due to a broken pipe.

Solution: With the pipe now fixed, the AdvantaClean crew was immediately deployed to clean up the flood left behind. Water had extended from the laundry room through the majority of the basement! The team quickly extracted the flood water from the entire area. Dehumidifiers and air movers were then set up and left for a few days to sufficiently dry out all structures and material. We performed daily monitoring of the area with moisture meters to keep a close on the progress. Once the area was found to be completely dry, the crew removed the equipment. The customer was relieved that the AdvantaClean crew had been there to prevent this disaster from becoming a much worse, moldy one!

Flood water cleaning before and after

Moving In With Mold

Location: Mission, KS 64116

Problem: Buyer's inspection included air sample testing in basement. Report revealed elevated mold spore count.

Solution: No visible damage was found during inspection. AdvantaClean recommended treating all flat surfaces in the basement with a HEPA vacuum, wiping with anti- microbial solution, as well as fogging the entire basement with anti-microbial. With the mold remediation completed, a cleaning and decontamination of the HVAC system was performed to ensure the indoor air quality. The customer also wanted to replace the carpet in the finished area of the basement, but was having trouble finding someone who could do this before they moved in. AdvantaClean steam cleaned the current carpet and got the customer in contact with a company that could assist with the carpet replacement quickly.

Mold remove before and after

Fire Hazard Dryer Vent

Location: Olathe, KS 64124

Problem: Customer called in and scheduled to have her dryer vent cleaned. She became concerned that the dryer vent may be clogged and cause a fire, as her dryer had stopped drying.

Solution: We were able to schedule the customer, and come out to address the dryer vent within a couple of days. Upon inspecting the vent, it was found to be COMPLETELY clogged, all the way to the exterior vent exhaust port. The crew vacuumed and cleaned the vent from the end to end, removing massive amounts of debris. A potential dryer vent related house fire averted! The customer was very impressed with the AdvantaClean team and the great work they did!

Dryer vent

Fungal Growth of Living Room Ceiling

Location: Leawood, KS

Problem: A customer called and requested our help to remediate the fungal growth of his living room ceiling. Four years prior, AdvantaClean came to the rescue of this customer during an emergency water loss. He had been so impressed with our prompt response, customer service, and quality of work, that when he needed assistance again, we were his first call.

Solution: AdvantaClean had a crew there to address the ceiling growth within a of couple days. After carefully cleaning and treating ceiling, it is now free of fungal growth. The customer was again impressed with our awesome crew, and pleased to have this resolved so quickly.

Before and after cleaning fungal growth on ceiling

Out of the Country with a Flood

Location: Olathe, KS

Problem: We received a call late one evening, from a referral partner, in the winter after we had below zero temps for an extended period of time. When arrived onsite we were told that the homeowner was out of the country and the nephew was notified by the neighbors that they observed water running out of the garage, the water company had shut water off to the house. Once inside we found the many leaks coming from the ceiling on the upper level leaking thru to the main level and basement. Upper level and kitchen on main level had extensive damage. The homeowner was out of the country for another two weeks, and had no way to contact them.

Solution: We started the mitigation project which included extraction of water from upper and main level. Removed all wet material including carpet, drywall and hardwood floors in kitchen and upper level. Three bathrooms were gutted to studs and all bedrooms had to have the mattresses thrown away. AdvantaClean had to call in a third party laundry service to remove all the wet clothing and launder them so the homeowner would have clean clothes to come back to.

Met the homeowner the day they returned home, it was devastating to them, they could not believe how much damage was caused. The family was so thankful for AdvantaClean and the services we provided. The homeowner is currently in temporary housing for six months while the home is being rebuilt.

Mold Growth Resolved Quickly

Location: Overland Park, KS

Problem: Local real estate referred client to us in preparation for selling their home. We inspected the home and found visible fungal growth on the joists in the basement.

Solution: We provided a quote for remediation within 24 hours. The client called back asking how quickly we could schedule a crew to come out, as they were hoping to list the home on MLS on the following Thursday. When I told him we would be there on Wednesday, he replied "My realtor is with me now and is dancing on the ceiling."

We completed the job on schedule and the client had showing scheduled the following day.

Mold before and after cleaning

Moldy Attic With Deadline

Location: Overland Park, KS

Problem: Customer contacted AdvantaClean for emergent help with a moldy attic. As the property was on the market with a buyer lined up, the customer was on a short deadline to resolve the issue.

Solution: Advantaclean was able to send a crew to the rescue the next day! As the crew cleaned and treated the attic however, a board happened to fall, causing two nails to puncture through to the ceiling of the room below. AdvantaClean had the ceiling repaired in less than twenty four hours. With the attic remediation completed, and the ceiling repaired quickly, the customer was prepared to sell by deadline!

Faulty Airflow Causing Mold Issues at High School Gym

Location: Overland Park, KS

Problem: Visible mold present on ceiling and air ducts of high school gym causing concern among parents and administrators. School officials consulted with their property management firm who contracted with AdvantaClean of KC to address the problem.

Solution: We had to operate on a tight schedule given the amount of activities that were scheduled at the gym. We deployed 3 crews, rented lifts for high ceiling access and treated the entire gymnasium for mold removal per industry standards. We communicated our process up front and provided daily updates. The area was inspected and tested upon completion of the project and it passed with flying colors

Anything that stood out in this project: We coordinated with the client and the property management company, navigated a difficult schedule, did a great job without disrupting the school's operations.

Return From The Hospital

Location: Overland Park, KS

Problem: Our customer has a special needs child that was extremely ill in the hospital. Their doctor specialized in illnesses caused by mold, and he referred the customer to a local lab to have the home tested. Together they tested the home and found that is where the mold issue was, and that it had to be resolved before he would be allowed to return home. No family should ever be told they cannot go home; home is supposed to be a safe place. We wanted to get this family home again as quickly as possible.

Solution: We were one of 3 companies called by both the physician and the lab. However, we were the only company that did not try and take advantage of the customers in their time of need, so we began work right away. Our crew went out and worked through the day on a Saturday in order to get this home clean. All the effected material was removed, and the mold was treated. We then cleaned the air ducts, and left HEPA air scrubbers running in the home to make sure the air was clean. The lab then returned and took several more samples to be certain the home was mold free. The child was able to return home on time, to a healthy, safe environment. Not only was the family relieved to be home, but the doctor was so happy with the work we provided, he asked us to go to his son’s home as well.

Sump Pump Failure

Location: Overland Park, KS

Problem: Her sump pump failed at 10:30 at night during a huge storm. She found AdvantaClean KC online and read the online reviews to confirm before contacting the call center. Brandon called her back immediately to help. She had a basement full of water and needed some help.

Solution: Brandon and crew were at the house within about 20 minutes. They set up a temporary pump so the water would continue to pump out overnight. They returned early the next mooring and worked the next day to clean up the mess. In less than 3 days, I could start to put things back together. I was so happy that they came so quickly that night, and back so early the next morning that I made them all breakfast!


School District Major Mold Issue

Location: Burlington, KS

Problem: We were called to the gymnasium because of a major mold issue in the ceiling insulation and around the perimeter of the drop down ceiling. The insulation was improperly installed and because it was always so warm in the gym, it caused an ongoing issue. The owners were afraid that if the issue continued or got any worse that people might be start getting sick. Had the issue not been resolved quickly, the mold could have continued to spread. The issue would have been much worse if it had been allowed to spread down the walls and onto the floor. We needed to make sure the gym was once again a safe place to be.

Solution: We wanted to help get the gym opened back up in time for the start of school, so we sent our crews to the area and stayed in a hotel for the week that we were working. All the insulation had to come down, so we rented several scissor lifts in order to get as many people up to the ceiling as possible. We then pulled all the drop ceiling out, cleaned, and treated the mold around the entire ceiling. Once all the mold was treated and things were dry, the owners had an insulation company come in and apply all new spray foam insulation to ensure they would not have any more problems in the future. The gym was able to open on time and is clean and mold free. Everyone at the school, as well as the people who use the gym recreationally were relieved and excited to be able to get back in there again.

Gym after mold removal Cleaning the mold in gym Cleaning mold on roof Staff cleaning mold in gym

Toilet Overflow

Location: Overland Park, KS

Problem: We were called to a doctor’s office because their toilet overflowed due to the backpressure in their plumbing lines. Luckily, the water was clean, there was just too much pressure in the line. There was water soaked into all the carpet and the bottom of the furniture sitting on the floor. We wanted to get everything all dried out as quickly as possible so nothing was damaged. We also wanted to get it done so the office could open back up. Obviously the doctor wanted the patients to be able to come back in, but when they were there things needed to be clean and sanitary. We also didn’t want a mildew or mold to have a chance to grow.

Solution: Once we arrived at the office, we immediately began extracting the water from the carpets. Once we extracted as much water as was possible we set up several fans in order to dry the carpet, as the owner did not want to remove them. The carpet, baseboards, furniture, and carpets all had to be dried so there were fans everywhere. We let the fans blow for several days, and were able to get everything dry again. Since we were able to get things completed so quickly, there was no permanent damage to any of the carpet or furniture, and no mold or mildew grew in the office. The doctor and patients were all happy to be able to get back in so quickly.

Water overflow in office Toliet water overflow in office

Basement Mold Issue

Location: Raytown, MO

Problem: Our customer had just purchased their home as-is from a family friend, and soon after moving in they found that the basement was absolutely full of mold. They were afraid that the mold was going to cause health issues, as all the walls were covered. They would not go into the basement and even want to use the furnace because they assumed the whole system was going to be full of mold. The basement was very musty and stale; it was also causing the rest of the house to smell like mildew. They needed their new home to be clean, so they could be happy and healthy.

Solution: To begin with, all the walls, floor, ceiling, and joists had to be HEPA vacuumed in order to remove any loose spores and debris. We then treated all the mold on every surface and set up HEPA air scrubbers and allowed them to run for several days to make sure there was no mold left in the air. We then found that there were gaps in their HVAC system, so we were not able to clean them right away. Once the customer had the HVAC system fixed, we went back and not only cleaned the air duct, but fogged the system as well, just to be extra sure there was no mold in the system. Now that the home and HVAC system are mold free, everything smells nice and they can go into the basement without worrying.

Mold removal in basement Mold growth in basement Cracks and mold on basement wall Dirty mold in basement After cleaning mold on basement walls After cleaning mold in basement After mold cleaning on basement walls