Do you have an elder friend, family member or client who is preparing to transition from their home to a new living situation? If so, it's common to learn that they also need help getting ready to sell.


This could be for many reasons. They might have conditions that limit their ability to keep up with maintenance and repairs. Mobility challenges might mean they are no longer using an upper or lower level of their home, which could need attention.


Whatever the reason, there are some simple ways you can help an elder homeowner get ahead of issues that might hinder the sale of their home.


A little observing and planning ahead can go a long way, said Dave Harley, owner of AdvantaClean of Badgerland. By spotting issues and addressing them, a house can be more appealing to buyers and more likely to sell at a good price. “Even small signs of neglect can be a red flag for prospective buyers, and we can help address them,” said Dave.


A Walk-Around Checklist


Dave and his team have assisted homeowners and their families who were downsizing, selling homes that have been in the family for decades, or planning a move to assisted living. The first step, said Dave, is to walk around the house and assess what might need attention. Be sure to check any areas that don’t get used frequently, including the basement, attic and spare bathrooms.


·       Do you notice any musty smells or signs of mold and mildew?

·       How about other unpleasant, stubborn odors, such a cigarette smoke or cooking odors?

·       Any dripping faucets?

·       Any windows that are collecting moisture?

·       Any damage from pets or unpleasant pet smells?

·       Any areas that could use a deep cleaning?


“Some of these could be easy fixes, such as investing in a dehumidifier for the basement or replacing a faucet,” said Dave. Elbow grease might tackle other concerns. Opening windows and running fans for better air circulation can go a long way, too. But other issues, such as years of cigarette smoke, stubborn pet smells or moisture that has gone unnoticed, might require remediation — especially if there’s a larger underlying issue.


AdvantaClean of Badgerland Can Help!


That’s where AdvantaClean can help. Dave and his crew can assess the issue, find the source, and recommend a solution. They’re experts in odor removal, mold remediation and moisture control. “You’d be surprised what we can do to help make a home more healthy for the owners and more inviting to prospective buyers,” said Dave.


No matter where a homeowner is in their planning process, AdvantaClean of Badgerland can help. Schedule an appointment on our website or call (262) 435-5697.

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