What to Expect from Storm Damage in Marietta

North-central Georgia sees its share of storm damage, with Marietta on the receiving end of a range of challenges, including spring and summer thunderstorms, summer into fall tropical depressions and storms from hurricanes making or continuing landfall from the Gulf, occasional winter snow accumulation, and even a risk of tornado activity. Regardless of how meteorologists characterize the storm, property owners in Marietta must respond to its after-effects quickly and effectively. Partnering with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team from AdvantaClean speeds the recovery and ensures that workers use restoration industry best practices for an excellent outcome.    

Safety First when it Comes to Storm Damage

Because of the disruption caused during severe weather, property owners can be forgiven for their haste in wanting immediate emergency services for Marietta storm and basement flood damage. Although we travel quickly to your site, AdvantaClean takes the time to assess your property for hazardous conditions for the safety of occupants and workers and the integrity of structures that might have suffered compromise during the influx of rainfall and overland floodwaters. Our crew members mastered basic and advanced storm damage restoration best practices through coursework from the IICRC. This foundation supports our efforts to check for concerns such as the following and put controls in place that permit us to begin mitigation and remediation interventions as soon as practical:

● Electric and other utility line damage 

● Controlled by temporary shutoffs and use of portable generators to avoid accidental shock or leakage of toxic fuels until appropriate contractors can institute repairs 

● Exposure to the elements because of significant destruction to roofing materials, windows, doors, and exterior walls 

● Controlled by tarping and boarding up the breaches protect your property’s interior from further weather damage and prevents vandalism and theft

● Slip, trip, and fall risks from wet surfaces

● Controlled with barriers and signage contain the area until AdvantaClean removes most of the water intrusion

● Threats of structural weakening or collapse from water trapped in building cavities

● Controlled through the patient and professional use of restrained demolition strategies to find and release the fluids gradually, including weep holes, drilled drainage access at baseboard height or in mortar joints, and flood cuts sawn several inches above the highest rise of the flooding to remove damaged materials and open wet cavities to facilitate structural drying

● Contaminated water, especially with basement flooding

● Controlled by containing the work area with physical air and water-tight barriers and negative pressure air scrubbing systems, plus the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by AdvantaClean technicians

Water and Soiling Cleanup After Storm Flooding

Many of the safety controls mentioned above start the required water removal process. Once we stage your property for safety, the pace of fluid purging increases, using first submersible pumps and then truck-mounted and portable industrial-grade extractors. The more rain and floodwater extracted as a liquid, the better; extraction is 1200 times more efficient than drying tactics alone. Our team shovels muck and debris out of inundated spaces, and EPA-registered cleaning products loosen surface soiling and staining from the dirty water. We apply EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit potential mold growth and kill human pathogens in residues from sewage backed up in basements.

Drying out the Property for the Finish

During AdvantaClean’s assessment and periodically during the extraction phase, we determine the perimeters of stormwater migration into the building materials of your home or business. We position and monitor a scientifically determined configuration of drying equipment until affected structural components return to normal moisture levels. Data collected forms the basis for drying goals which we work to accomplish with help from axial fans, low-silhouette air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers.

AdvantaClean of Marietta earns your confidence during the stressful aftermath of extreme weather events with a prompt response, highly qualified technicians, and commercial-grade water extraction and drying equipment. We are ready for your storm damage; call day or night at (404) 474-8443.

Storm damage in Marietta can involve leaky roofs or flooded basements, and everything in between. Finding a full-service restoration company like AdvantaClean gives you peace of mind as we can streamline all your disaster recovery needs, saving time and expense.

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