Basement Flooding in Kennesaw Homes

Some property owners in Kennesaw experience basement flooding occasionally but do not routinely respond because the water appears to drain away without effort. When lower levels function only for utility system setup and minimal storage, the structures involved might seem impervious to damage from intermittent seepage. Be aware, however, that minimizing your response to minor water incursion can set conditions leading to progressive and secondary damage, such as mold growth. Eventually, residents and businesses will confront circumstances that result in the substantial pooling of potentially contaminated water in building spaces below ground. These conditions are impossible to ignore and need prompt, professional attention to remove the fluids and dry out the impacted building materials. AdvantaClean has the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained workforce and equipment ready to assist with this. 

Causes of Basement Flooding

A broad range of scenarios can plunge your cellar into situations involving inches to feet of water trapped inside your home or commercial building. Owners can take steps to mitigate the effects of some of these factors, but be prepared to reach out for AdvantaClean’s help for swift resolution if basement flooding happens because of:

Seasonal or episodic overflowing of waterways or dams

Flash floods from thunderstorms or tropical storm activity

Sewer line backup related to clogs, damaged pipes, or overland flooding your municipal sanitary systems cannot manage

Major plumbing or appliance failures causing pumps to malfunction or supply lines or tanks (water heaters) to rupture

Inadequately sized, installed, or maintained gutter and downspout configurations, combined with improper building perimeter grading, forcing roof precipitation runoff to concentrate next to and seep into foundations

Extraction and Drying Professionals in Kennesaw

The mitigation and remediation services needed after basement flooding in Kennesaw must commence immediately and engage intensely. Vast amounts of fluids are likely involved and must be evacuated swiftly. Because the floodwaters could introduce industrial and landscaping pollutants, dead animals and insects, infectious organisms, and other hazards, property owners need experts holding the appropriate certification and licensure for proper assessment and project planning and implementation following best-practices protocols. No matter how hard a property owner tries, the lack of high-efficiency equipment and scalable trained crews slows the recovery. Property owners, on their own with consumer grade tools, face weeks of work trying to eliminate the effects of Kennesaw basement flooding. Sadly, the window of opportunity to avoid long-term structural breakdown and microbial infestation is measured in hours or at most a few days. AdvantaClean has the resources to meet that deadline. 

Cleaning and Repairing Flooded Basements

AdvantaClean of Marietta knows how stressful climbing water inside your building’s envelope can be. We take the time to communicate clearly and respectfully with our customers during the assessment and project planning and implementation phases. Some of the issues we strive to clarify are as follows:

Contamination concerns, including strategies to keep occupants and crew members safe, including:

Containment construction for work areas with polyethylene barriers and often negative pressure air scrubbing equipment

Wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) by AdvantaClean technicians

Employment of commercial-grade pumps and extractors to suction out floodwater, containing the water for lawful disposal

Use of sensitive moisture detection tools to trace all water migration, ensuring we use strategies to remove even fluids trapped in building material cavities

Cleaning and disinfection with EPA-registered products to inhibit further microbial growth and eliminate sources of malodors

Calculation of drying goals and design of an effective setup of air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to return wet structural components to normal moisture levels

Responding to basement flooding in Kennesaw properties requires the skills of highly qualified AdvantaClean managers and technicians. Our IICRC training, experience, and extensive floodwater extraction and structural drying equipment resources ensure fast and effective damage remediation.  

When you face basement flooding in Kennesaw, AdvantaClean of Marietta is a reliable, professional recovery partner. Contact us at (404) 474-8443 for a prompt evaluation and action plan for your specific circumstances.

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