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Whenever a water-related disaster impacts your Marietta home, AdvantaClean of Marietta has several proven strategies to handle standing water so we can begin the drying process. Pulling up water from the surfaces in your home calls for several technologies and tools, so you want to have experienced professionals on the job. Once we get there to inspect and assess your property, we then begin water mitigation and cleanup. The decisions on how to proceed are always based on the most efficient ways to return your interior to pre-loss condition. 

Regarding water mitigation for your Marietta home, our processes and technologies may vary significantly from what we use on other projects. As a trusted water damage company, we adapt and scale our services accordingly to ensure each customer gets a tailored approach. Our water removal tools, extractors, and drying equipment can handle all standing water and hidden moisture in porous materials like carpets and wood flooring.

Tools We Use to Handle Surface Water

Standing water can be highly destructive whenever left behind after a water damage event. Without acting quickly, sensitive materials and contents start to take on moisture. Pulling up standing water is essential to help prevent further loss and the possibility of mold growth. Some of the best tools that we use as we begin water damage remediation include the following:

  • Vacuums are a great water removal tool for their portability and versatility. These units are easy to move around and valuable when combined with various attachments that help us adjust to different situations. 

  • Pumps like our submersible, self-priming, and high-pressure units are great when handling surface water. Effectiveness is based on the water depth.

  • Wands are special attachments for our vacuum units that allow us to access spaces where accessibility is problematic.

What About Water in Carpeting?

Moisture control is paramount for any water-related project; many homes have carpeting flooring. Our AdvantaClean of Marietta team prepares for all circumstances, so we bring all the best tools to ensure we pull up as much water from carpeted floors as possible. When you act quickly enough, protecting and salvaging the carpeting layer could be possible – even if we must replace the carpet pad below. Some of the tools we use for handling saturated carpets include:

  • Carpet wands or light wands

  • Weighted rovers (extractors)

  • Floating carpets

What About Wood Flooring 

When we approach water damage cleanup, our water restoration technicians understand how much of an impact water exposure can have on wood floors. Absorption varies depending on the wood type, but we adjust accordingly to generate the best possible results. Generally, we consider three kinds of damage: standing surface water, bound water, and free water. Moisture penetration dictates how we approach the flooring and if it is salvageable. Some of the tools we use to help recover hardwoods and plank flooring include:

  • Tenting

  • Dehumidification

  • Air movers (fans)

  • Drying mats

You must act quickly whenever you have any water-related incident in your home. Rather than taking the DIY route and subjecting your home to costly secondary damage, AdvantaClean of Marietta has the resources necessary to get the job done. We consider hidden moisture and color fastness of various materials and fabrics and take the time to carefully assess your contents and furnishings. 

Trust the AdvantaClean Advantage

Water damage restoration is something we do best.  We can then fill up our fleet with all the right tools to handle water mitigation and return your property to pre-water damage condition.

You can recover from a burst pipe, flood, or significant spill in your Marietta home. With a quick call to our customer care center at AdvantaClean of Marietta, you will have our team of technicians at your door and ready to work within hours.

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