Hidden Water Damage

You might require water damage restoration in Marietta without realizing a problem exists. While the disaster is evident when an appliance hose breaks, a supply line ruptures, or a shower backs up, pipes threaded throughout homes, and commercial buildings and roofing drainage can cause significant harm despite the absence of noticeable events.

Signs of Hidden Leaks, Spills, and Seepage

AdvantaClean technicians can identify countless ways moisture might invade a house or commercial building. Locating the stealthy incursions resulting in an unanticipated Marietta water damage restoration crisis is an exercise in detective work. Review the following list for tips to help identify subtle indications warning home and commercial building owners of leaks or percolating fluids unobtrusively soaking into and harming building materials.

Water Billing Surprises

Unusual peaks in the monthly billing without a reasonable explanation, such as seasonal watering, can suggest a relentless toilet leak or cracks in out-of-sight plumbing. Expect AdvantaClean to inquire about changes in your water charges as a hidden leak indicator.

Puddling or Pooling

Standing water not connected to an overflowing tub or spill also signals a slow leak, condensation, or poorly fitting connections. Trapped fluids collecting under a cabinet, dishwasher, refrigerator, or other household appliances eventually spread and become visible on flooring. Our technicians will look further for the cause when you report mysterious water accumulation. 

Staining or Discoloration

AdvantaClean crews study surfaces when looking for trapped moisture. Ceilings and walls exhibiting stains, including dark or rusty-colored marks, hint at one or more episodes of fluids soaking porous plaster or drywall. Perhaps dried-out caulk on tub or shower surrounds allowed water to flow into building cavities. Sometimes staining points to mold damage, possible only when excess moisture encounters ubiquitous mold spores. Prompt water damage restoration and arrangements for mold remediation must follow the discovery.

Unexpected Bulges or Disturbed Surfaces

Saturated structural components bulge or blister after leaks infiltrate porous structures even without staining. Our technicians inspect closely when paint and wallpaper bubble and peel, pointing at the possibility of moisture spreading between the wall surface and the decorative layers.

Floors and Floor Covering Disruption

Carpets and rugs naturally absorb pooling or seeping water from spills, malfunctioning radiators (hot water heating), and even roof leaks entering in attics and flowing down the cavities between the interior and exterior walls. A soggy carpet is a huge red flag when encountered during AdvantaClean inspection.

Wood floors show clues through various forms of warping -- cupping and crowning of planks or strips, where moisture causes swelling on the top, bottom, or sides of each piece. Buckling is extreme evidence of water damage, and restoration is difficult because significant and long-standing saturation causes individual strips to detach from the substrate.

Odd Sounds or Smells

Dripping sounds or the hum of barely running water heard best when the property is quiet (at night, for example) strongly suggests that leaks are active even though buried deep inside building cavities. Squeaky floors also occur when the various layers swell with hidden moisture and dry out unevenly. Musty smells are another indicator of mold or mildew growth related to incomplete water damage restoration or high humidity.  

Gutters and Downspouts Cause Water Damage

Water damage restoration in Marietta residences or commercial properties is required more frequently than you might expect when a property features inadequately installed, missing, or damaged roof drainage systems. Gutters and downspouts in poor repair or clogged fail to divert precipitation away from the foundation of a building. Water soaked into the landscaping around your property migrates naturally into dry areas or materials nearby, resulting in lower level seepage through the wood, concrete, stone, or cinder block materials forming the property’s foundation. AdvantaClean crews learn this principle during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training.   

Reach out to AdvantaClean of Marietta if you notice subtle signs that you need water damage restoration. Contact us at (404) 474-8443 before hidden leaks or seeping fluids cause significant deterioration of your property’s structural components or expose your home or business to the headache of mold damage. 

AdvantaClean crews are skilled in discovering and tracing trapped fluids requiring Marietta water damage restoration. Unnoticed issues like cracked pipes or super-saturated ground around your foundation cause slow but steady harm. We employ moisture detection tools and rigorous training in water migration principles to locate the sources of water intrusion related to the eventual destruction of the integrity of your property’s structure before embarking on mitigation and remediation. Read more about water damage restoration.

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