Knowing the different air duct cleaning methods available, especially the brush and vacuum method and the negative air process is crucial. Both concepts are highly effective in removing dirt and debris from your ductwork; however, it is vital to understand which approach is best suited for your specific cleaning needs.

Brush and Vacuum Approach

The brush and vacuum cleaning method is highly effective in cleaning air ducts. The powerful vacuum and specially designed brushes remove all debris from the air duct system. This cleaning method is ideal for both residential and light commercial applications. The cleaning begins by removing the register and inserting the hose and brush. Once inside the duct, start the brush rotation and vacuum, and repeat the process room by room until the entire duct system is thoroughly cleaned.

Negative Pressure System

The negative pressure duct cleaning method is the ultimate solution for commercial applications or hard-to-reach ducts. Before cleaning, we turn off the HVAC system and cover all registers, vents, and grills to eliminate the possibility of dirt and debris contaminating the living environment. We then cut an access hole to access the duct system. Using a combination of compressed air and whips, agitate the dust and debris throughout the entire system. Next, we connect the hose to the access hole and turn the vacuum on to create negative pressure, pulling all the dirt and debris toward the vacuum. Rest assured, this method will leave your ducts clean and free from contaminants.

Why Would You Need Duct Cleaning?

If you care about your health and the health of your loved ones, air duct cleaning your Marietta, Georgia, home is an absolute necessity. Shockingly, indoor air quality is often more polluted than outside air, based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research. Indoor air pollutants are estimated to be two to five times higher than outdoor pollutants.

Consider duct cleaning if:

  • Your energy bill seems higher than it has been

  • If you are dusting more frequently than normal

  • If those in your household are fighting respiratory issues

  • If you experience unexplained odors

  • If your HVAC system has difficulty reaching set temperature goals

Proper Duct Cleaning Begins with Inspection

Inspecting the ducts, regardless of the cleaning method used, is crucial to ensure they are in top-notch cleaning condition. Ignoring duct deterioration and proceeding with the cleaning process could cause more harm than good. At AdvantaClean of Marietta, we utilize state-of-the-art video inspection cameras to see deep inside the air ducts. This focused look enables us to visually assess the level of cleaning, duct condition, turns, and more, empowering us to provide you with the best possible cleaning service.

Air duct cleaning improves the air quality inside your home or office and helps enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system. AdvantaClean of Marietta is a trusted name to help you breathe easier by thoroughly cleaning your ducts and connected equipment to ensure its longer life, better air quality, and ideally lessened energy bills. Call us to schedule your inspection and cleaning at (470) 819-2077, or stop by our offices at 2265 Roswell Rd #100, Marietta, GA.

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