Kennesaw Crawl Space Sealing

We often receive calls from customers struggling with the aftermath of a flooded foundation from storms or utility leaks, the resolution of which requires comprehensive debris and water removal and structural drying. After the emergency services are complete, the more permanent solution of crawl space encapsulation for Kennesaw properties is a discussion point to prevent a subsequent disaster. Avoiding the initial crisis instead would be optimal, but proactive maintenance of the space beneath your structure, particularly when it involves the skills and materials needed for an enclosure, is outside the experience of most property owners. AdvantaClean can also assess your foundation's vulnerability long before catastrophic damage occurs. We have the trained crews, products, and equipment needed to protect your property through strategies that include encapsulation, enhanced drainage, and moisture controls.

Why Encapsulate a Crawl Space

As a full-service disaster restoration company, AdvantaClean considers many factors before suggesting crawl space encapsulation to Kennesaw home and business owners. The empty area between the joists and substrate of your flooring and the bare ground under your building intends to provide a buffer that protects building materials and interior air quality. Sometimes a well-built and maintained crawl space does deliver on its promise without adaptations. Many times, however, conditions conspire to interfere with your foundation's construction goals. When we talk with property owners about the need for professional wrapping and sealing beneath the floorboards, your mention or our observation of the following are red flags: When we talk with property owners about the need for professional wrapping and sealing beneath the floorboards, your mention or our observation of the following are red flags:

● Venting open to the outside that is ineffective in moving air within the buffer

● Persistent pooling of fluids, which often goes unnoticed because a significant number of owners do not routinely check for standing water

● Wet insulation or condensation on the walls of the under-structure area

● High interior humidity levels without noticeable weather changes and despite the operation of HVAC systems, signaling damp air is coming up through the floor

● Unpleasant odors rising into the property's interior, including the distinctive musty smell that raises suspicion of mold or mildew growth on the structures extending over the buffer area

● Growing utility bill totals related to increased energy consumption, not inflation, reflecting the presence of excess moisture overworking HVAC systems

● Sagging or "bouncy" floors, indicative of damp, swelling wood or dry rot

● Foundation cracks

● Damaged, missing, or low-quality vapor barriers already on the ground or walls

● Invasive insects, including termites, or other vermin

What Entails Space Encapsulation

Encapsulation eliminates damaging moisture, odors, fumes, and vermin access to your home's structure and interior. Out-of-control standing water and vaporized moisture within an earthen foundation need brakes on their damaging effects to protect your property in Kennesaw. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained crews work through a checklist of steps to complete the AdvantaSeal project:

● Clean up of dirt, muck, insect and animal nests, and residues, as well as debris left by previous vapor barriers

● Standing water removal and structural drying

● Installation of a properly operating drainage and sump pump system--AdvantaDrain

● Considering the use of a crawl space-specific dehumidifier

● Wrapping of the earthen floor and walls of the area with high-quality vapor barriers of at least 20 mils, insulating and sealing all gaps with appropriate moisture control products

● Arranging for and implementing mold remediation if a fungal infestation is evident

● Evaluating the moisture and humidity levels inside your home or business after encapsulation, adjusting heating, cooling, and dehumidification components to ensure all systems balance each other

Although AdvantaClean of Marietta is proud to provide emergency services to mitigate and remediate property foundation issues, we also are eager to recommend proactive solutions such as crawl space encapsulation for Kennesaw customers. Call us at (404) 474-8443 to discuss your options.

AdvantaClean of Marietta appreciates your water and storm damage and mold remediation business. Our commitment to fair and transparent communication and treatment of our customers requires we also share practical and helpful suggestions that avoid repeated repairs. Only some disaster restoration companies balance a rapid response to the current crisis followed by planning post-construction improvements like the containment of an earth foundation. We make comprehensive, proactive, and sustainable problem-solving a priority.

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