Crawl Space Encapsulation Helps

Despite the structural advantages of a crawl space, it is commonly impacted by adverse conditions like flooding, moisture penetration, mold, or infestations. Open vents are a welcoming access point to all manner of potential issues for your house, so crawl space encapsulation for Kennesaw homes our AdvantaClean of Marietta team provides is sure to help.

What is Encapsulation?

In the most basic form, crawl space encapsulation for Kennesaw properties is a protective barrier for all exposed surfaces in this designed space underneath the main floor of your home. Walls are lined with polyethylene, serving as a consistent barrier, like above-ground pool lining. Instead of keeping water in, the sheeting acts as a deterrent to water penetration and other possible issues.

The Benefits of Encapsulation

It is hard to keep a crawl space dry and mold-free for its lifetime without additional steps like encapsulation. Southern homes already contend with excessive environmental moisture, and our professionals have helped many homes suffering the acute effects of water and mold damage. Even though we are a top mold remediation name in the country, we want to keep this threat from your residence. Crawl space sealing or encapsulation has four primary benefits:

●     Mold Prevention

Mold can be destructive to your property. Encapsulating keeps moisture levels from facilitating mold colonization. Our professionals often go further to coat surfaces with mold-inhibiting products to keep microbial concerns from recurring.

●     Moisture Protection

Water can infiltrate from vents, air gaps, deteriorating masonry, and other structural openings. Encapsulation coats these penetration points with a 12-mil plastic sheeting with an airtight seal on seams to keep moisture out. Protection can also involve the installation of drainage and permanent dehumidification units.

● Avoiding Structure Damage

Without mold and water damage, the structure itself stays strong and stable. With long-term exposures to crawl space threats, structural damage will happen. While mold cannot impact all crawlspace construction materials, water damage can be equally destructive if not managed by preventative moisture barriers.

● Improved Air Quality

Sealed space under your home does not allow the entry of contaminants, microbes, bacteria, and other microorganisms that could prove hazardous to anyone in contact. The service for air quality also keeps offensive odors from penetrating the main floor and threatening comfortable living conditions.

Factors that Influence Costs

Naturally, homeowners stress about the costs of this type of service against whether they believe they need it. Multiple factors steer the final expenses of encapsulation, so you don't need to be surprised when you see our detailed estimation.

●      Condition of the space – The current state of your crawl space is one of the main factors in determining the encapsulation costs. If several early steps are needed to prepare for encapsulation, such as water removal and mold remediation, the price will reflect this extra effort.

●      Size of the area – No two crawl spaces are the same. Some have concrete floors; some have enough clearance to stand upright nearly. The specific surface area of your crawl space is vital in the estimate. This gets calculated in the initial inspection.

●      The hired contractor – We are not the only contractor doing this kind of work, but we are leading the region in water, fire, mold, and storm relief responses with reasonable prices, skilled technicians, and unwavering commitment to our customers.

Thinking about crawl space encapsulation for your Kennesaw home? Our AdvantaClean of Marietta team can help complete every step of this process fast. Call us at (404) 474-8443.

Getting Your Kennesaw Home Ready for Encapsulation

We conduct inspections to determine if early efforts must precede vapor barrier installation. Encapsulation will not be successful if conditions like active mold growth have not been resolved. Mold remediation is our specialty so that we can manage this concern rapidly. Our inspection team also determines if there is sufficient drainage around your home's foundation to greatly aid in redirecting groundwater from the footer, masonry, and connected crawl space before we begin the encapsulation process.

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