Having your air ducts cleaned is a necessary task that every property owner must do from time to time. Performing this task regularly helps you maintain better air quality and keeps your home or office free from harmful airborne particles.

Most experts recommend cleaning your air ducts every 2 or 3 years. However, you might be wondering “What is the best season to clean your air ducts?”. In this guide, we will answer this question along with many others related to air duct cleaning.

What is the Best Season to Clean Your Air Ducts?

There is no straightforward answer to the question, “What is the best season to clean your air ducts?” That is because the best season will vary based on many factors. However, most people generally agree that the Spring and Fall seasons are best suited for this task.

Why Spring is a Good Season to Clean Your Air Ducts

Many people opt to clean their home’s ducts in the Spring to get rid of the dust that has accumulated during the Winter. Such accumulation can be significant if you have operated your heating system continuously throughout the season.

Some people also clean their ducts in the Spring to get rid of particles that may cause allergies. Such particles tend to be abundant in the Springtime, so getting your ducts cleaned around this time of year helps you and your home’s residents avoid respiratory issues from allergies.

Another great reason to clean your ducts in the Spring is to remove pet dander from your home. Pets tend to shed their Winter coats as Spring rolls around, and this produces lots of loose hair. Such hair can get into your air ducts and disrupt the airflow, so it is best to clean your air ducts in Spring if you have pets that shed.

Why Fall is a Good Season to Clean Your Air Ducts

Many people clean their air ducts in the Fall season to prepare for Winter. Doing so removes particles that would otherwise blow into their home’s living spaces once they activate their heating system. 

Clearing your air ducts also allows your heating system to operate more efficiently, which helps you save money on heating in the Winter.

Will Duct Cleaning Improve the Airflow? 

Cleaning your air ducts will definitely improve the airflow in your home. Such results will be especially noticeable if your air ducts have accumulated large clumps of particles after not being cleaned for many years. 

Which Duct Cleaning Method is the Best? 

Source removal air duct cleaning is considered the best air duct cleaning method. This technique utilizes mechanical agitation to first loosen dust from the duct’s inner walls. The loosened duct can then be quickly extracted using a vacuum system.

Point of contact air duct cleaning is another popular method. This one utilizes a special type of vacuum cleaner with a spinning brush. This spinning brush loosens and picks up dust particles while the vacuum quickly extracts it from the duct.

Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

Air duct cleaning is worth every dollar. Getting your air ducts cleaned regularly improves the air quality in your home and this may prevent you from experiencing respiratory issues that require expensive hospital visits. 

Your heating and air conditioning systems will also operate more efficiently when your air ducts are clean. As a result, you won’t need to turn these systems to high settings to keep your home comfortable at different times of the year. This can help you save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling annually.

All these savings mean that paying $300 to $400 per year on duct cleaning is definitely worth it.

How to Prepare for Air Duct Cleaning 

You can make the air duct cleaning process easier for the service you have hired by first clearing your space of any furniture and objects. If you cannot move a particular piece of furniture due to its size, you should consider covering it with a cloth to prevent dust from getting onto it. 

Once the duct cleaning professionals arrive, you should offer them a walk-through of your home and show them the vents that need cleaning. You can then decide whether you should stay or leave your home while the duct cleaning is in process.

If you do decide to leave before the cleaning starts, you should improve the duct cleaning professionals on how to secure your home in your absence.

If you have young children or pets in your home, it is best to take them outside until the cleaning is over. This will ensure they do not inhale any of the dust being expelled from the air ducts.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Loud 

The machinery used for air duct cleaning can be loud, but its volume is comparable to an ordinary vacuum cleaner. For this reason, you aren’t likely to find the noise disruptive or harmful to your hearing.

How to Find the Perfect Air Duct Cleaning Service

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